Roofing Services

The roofing on your building is what helps keep the place together. ┬áIf this isn’t maintained, then it can cause further damage inside the building. Our Roofing Services are key features to provide your building with a safe and reliable roof.

  • Appearance is Improved
  • Creates a Safer Working Environment
  • 25 Year Guarantee
  • Energy Efficient

Our Roofing Services


Helping to protect against UV exposure and corrosion from your building. We contribute Giromax with our roofing services to provide you with higher quality and durability.

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Roof Light Refurbishment

If you start to notice that your roof lighting isn’t working the way it should be, then at Elevation Maintenance we offer our Roof Light Refurbishment service. Being able to fix the original light, restoring it back to life.

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Roof Cleaning

From time to time your roof is going to need it’s annual clean. Our Roof Cleaning service, will prevent any long term damage from occurring, also to help improve the appearance of the building.

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Liquid Roof Coating Systems

If you’re looking for complete protection for up to 25 years? Then at Elevation Maintenance, we offer our long term Liquid Roof Coating Systems. Helping to pro-long and enhance your building’s exterior.

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Roof Light Replacement

If your roof lighting is too far gone for repair, we will then offer our Roof Light Replacement service, making sure that is is fully working and restored back to its original condition.

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