Roof Light Replacement

Our roof light replacement services are perfect if your are looking to upgrade an existing roof light or if your current one is no longer fit for purpose.

25 Years Guarantee On All Of Our Services

35% Off On Selected Services

Roof Light Replacement and Installation

If we have been employed to clean or repair a roof light that is no longer fit for purpose, considering a roof light replacement is a good option to have. If we are unable to repair a roof light, our technicians will be happy to quote for a complete roof light replacement. All roof light services come with a fantastic 25 year guarantee.

As time passes, naturally roof lights will start to show their age and some notable defects may appear. If untreated, these issues could result in the exterior coating  beginning to deteriorate which could then lead to the substrate falling away.

To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, we have compiled a list of notable defects for you to look out for on your roof light.

How to Spot a Problem

  • If you see any dripping or water leaks coming from the light area.
  • There may be discolouration, it could be a brown/beige colour.
  • Possible cracks/splits can occur, this is an indication that the area is becoming increasingly thin.

After a maintenance visit, if we are unable to provide a roof light repair – our roof light replacement and installations are a simple quote away.

Regular visits and site surveys can ensure your roof light is protected, and kept in full working order.

Why Get a Roof Light Replacement?

  • Energy Efficient
  • Reduces the Carbon Foot Print
  • Cost Effective Procedure
  • Natural Lighting Prevents Warehouse from Looking Dim.
  • 25 Years Guarantee on Services
  • Personally Protects People, Safe Sun Exposure Boosts Vitamin D
Roof Light Refurbish


Customer review for Roof-Light Replacement

"Me and my business partner has recently just bought a new warehouse space for our company, it was evident from the get go that we needed our Roof-Light replaced. Elevation seemed like the perfect company for us, they did a fantastic job and we definitely will be using their services again."