From our base down here in the south east, we are able to provide high quality Industrial Roofing and Maintenance services. All of our cladding and roofing services come with a fantastic 25 year guarantee! This brief article will highlight our specialist services.

So why is it so important to maintain your building roofs? Simple! Looking after the property shows that you have a high standard level, this looks great with customers! Not only does it show your customers that you are the real deal, but if you were to ever sell the building, it will most certainly add value. So why wouldn’t you want to add value to a property you plan to sell on in the future?

Giromax Contractors

We are Giromax contractors. These are sometimes better known as “Approved Applicators”. As a Giromax contractor we have access to a selection of specialist products that we can use to coat, maintain and protect our customer’s buildings and roof surfaces.

Giromax are regarded as one of the most innovative market leaders within the cladding and roofing industry so you know, if you want quality, a Giromax product is usually your best bet. You can Contact Us here to arrange a free survey.

What Industrial Roofing and Maintenance Do We Offer?

As a national provider of industrial roofing and maintenance services, we proudly provide a complete range of remedial products. These include:

Cladding Cleaning
Roof Cleaning
Liquid Roofing Coatings
Cut Edge Corrosion Treatments

All of which are becoming increasingly important to business owners, facilities managers and site managers as maintenance costs are reducing, these important contacts need to get their repairs completed on time, on budget and to a level that is only high quality.

All of cladding and roofing services come with an impressive 25 year guarantee. We know that the quality of our products and services will never let us down.

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