Business owners need to ensure that their buildings are maintained correctly. This often includes the regular maintenance of the cladding sheets and roofing materials on site. This article will discuss the options available to you and how you can even consider low pressure roof cleaning as an alternative to pressure washing.

Roof Cleansing Considerations

Make note. You need to ensure that the roof space has been carefully assessed prior to any form of on site roof cleaning. Reputable roofing contractors will usually complete a survey before beginning any work. This is to ensure the work area is secure, safe and is actually able to be cleaned. The last thing you want is to begin cleaning a commercial roof and flooding the roof space!

A lot of commercial roof tile manufacturers will encourage you to clean your roof in a particular way. The most popular ways to clean a roof is by utilising a pressure washer or by using specialised chemicals, approved by the manufacturers.

If your building is fitted with cladding roof sheets, pressure washing is probably your best bet as it will be far quicker. However, if your building is loaded with a number of roof tiles, using a low pressure system or chemical based cleaning procedure could be more suitable.

Cleaning a Roof With Chemicals

To achieve a spotless commercial roof clean, the best way to clean it is to remove the dirt deposits and moss build ups before applying a roof chemical to the tiles. By using a tile chemical you are ensuring that the tiles remain in their best condition, and reduce the chance of any damages occurring.

An added benefit of using chemicals instead of pressure systems is the fact that there is no need for water! Thus removing the slim possibilities of water damages and flooding.

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