A question we get asked quite frequently whilst on site is “how do you clean the roof?” This weeks article will discuss the process we go through and teach you how to clean a roof. We will offer some basic tips and point you in the right direction for your next roof cleaning project.

Why Get Your Roof Cleaned?

Is there actually a benefit to cleaning your roof? Absolutely! If you simply left your roof all year round with no maintenance, no matter how basic, it would simply fail. This would result in a number of maintenance tasks having to be completed, costing you money and reducing your profits.

Over time – the grime and debris that builds up on a roof space will gradually work away at the metal sheets and eventually erode tiny holes into the material. This is exactly why it is important to familiarise yourself with a local or national commercial roof cleaning company.

Saves Money

Just like we mentioned above, neglecting your roof spaces and letting them build up with debris and dirt can result in serious maintenance issues. Unless you have the luxury of hiring a full time site manager who is skilled in the art of roof cleaning and cladding panel repairs, it’s best to employ the services of a local or nation professional.

Just think of all the money you will save if you actually maintain your building properly! Regular or even planned maintenance can result in fewer maintenance visits, lower amount of accidents and a better working environment for your staff.

Research the Industry

Now as you move into the roof cleaning territory, unless you know someone already, it’s always a good idea to carry out some research. Check local directories and tradesmen websites, do some research on social media. Businesses these days tend to publish their recent work on the Facebook and Twitter accounts.

This way you will get an idea of what you will be paying for.

Use The Right Equipment

If you insist on cleaning your roof yourself, you MUST get the right equipment. Ask yourself these three very important questions. Am I working at height? Will I need a specific product? Will I need help?

Now if you answer yes to all of those – which I would hope you have done, you will need the following. Access equipment, P.P.E (Personal Protective Equipment), Harnesses, Cleaning Chemicals, Cleaning Tools (Jet Washers, Scrubs etc..) and someone that is competent working at height.

If you are unable to supply the above – get an expert to assist with your roof and cladding cleaning.

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