A local roofer working on a commercial property has been fined after the HSE received a number of complaints relating to an unsafe roofing contractor working at height. This week’s article looks at the foolish roofer and why it was so dangerous.

Reading’s Magistrates Court learnt of Terry Colwell, who at the time was working under the business name of T Colwell Roofing in Bracknell after he had been asked to work on a commercial roof that needed significant repairs.

Now for some reason – this roofer thought it would be a fantastic idea to complete the roofing repairs without the use of any scaffolding for access. Instead deciding to go with a set of ladders with no fall protection or PPE. Immediately, this has the potential to put himself and passers-by at risk.

Fortunately, Mr Colwell was stopped before anyone was injured. HSE investigated the cowboy roofer and it was soon noted that he was under contract to complete the work for £650.00.

From previous experiences, hiring a scaffold tower would usually cost between £1000 and £1500. So immediately we can see why he decided to work without. However, trying to make a considerable saving to beat his competitors by putting his own and others health at risk, seems ridiculous!

What Should Happen

Now that the commercial roof has been secured and the incompetent roofer has been removed from working on the building, a fully trained, competent roofing contractor should go to site and assess the framework.

Unfortunately, you can’t stop people working like this. You just hope that they are not silly enough to actually carry out the badly planned work.

It is hugely important that the area is correctly assessed and a proper maintenance plan is put into place. Roofing projects still are one of the most dangerous trades around. Without the use of PPE or fall protection, any incidents could potentially become fatal.

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