There are many forms of roof coatings, and every one of those comes with an added benefit. This week, we have devised a brief list to help you with your commercial roof maintenance. Here are 5 benefits of roof coatings, courtesy of Elevation Maintenance.

Lower Bills

Now when we say low bills, we don’t simply mean a lot of labourer’s under five feet called Bill. We really do mean that you could save yourself a handful of cash during your maintenance budget. There are hundreds of commercial roof coatings available, with a lot of them being extremely energy efficient and long lasting.

The specialised roof coatings can reduce the temperature of your cladded roof panel’s through-out the summer months, resulting in lower cooling bills through-out your office block.

Extended Roof Life

It really does go without saying; a well maintained roof space will naturally last a lot longer than those that don’t. Waterproof roof coatings help fight against harmful substances and excessive wet weather conditions, preventing leaks and long lasting damp damages to the roof space.

In addition to the water protection, these waterproof coatings will fight against harmful UV sun rays and reflect aggressive heat sources from the roof panels.

Works with a Variety of Materials

Our third benefit of roof coating systems is the sheer volume that each coating is able to work with. Commercial roof coating systems are extremely collaborative and work well with a variety of substrates that include; metal, wood, asphalt, galvanised metal and even composite roof panels.

No Short term Replacements Needed

Getting your commercial roof space maintenance completed by a company or sole trader that knows what they are doing doesn’t just have its financial benefits. In the long term, having a well-maintained roof space will lead to less work on the short term. Failing to employ the services of an experienced professional will result in an increased number of short-term roof replacements, something that is easily avoidable with the right decision-making.

Extremely Durable

For businesses, image is of course, everything. High quality commercial roof sprayers are able to provide extremely durable roof coatings that help a businesses roof space maintain its colour and appeal.

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