Leading panel manufacturer RUUKKI has been in the news recently after they assisted with the work completed at a new luxury hotel site based in Birmingham. This week’s article will discuss the work that was completed to see how RUUKKI Fireproofs Birmingham Hotel.

If you work within the cladding and sheeting industry, chances are, you are going to have heard of RUUKKI. They are one of the leading panel manufacturers in the UK and support businesses all across the country with the panel construction and refurbishment.

Recently RUUKKI supplied a number of sandwich panels for a luxury hotel in Birmingham. These panels are perfect for facades that require thermal insulation that actually look good!
The new panels that have been provided are completely fire safe and are boosted by an energy efficient DNA. Every single panel was fire tested before the installation was completed, making sure that they were suitable for a new multi-storey hotel.

Naturally the sales director for RUUKKI was absolutely delighted with the works. He went on to say this on their website:
“We are pleased the hotel have opted for the SP2D PIR panels, a superior product we are very proud of, which is tested to BS8414 and meets BRE 135 for the fire performance of thermal insulation for walls of multi-storey buildings”

Importance of Fireproofing

You would think it’s pretty self-explanatory, but fire proofing large public spaces and sites is extremely important. If you coat a large volume of building panels with a high flammable coating or paint then you are asking for trouble.

By ensuring that building panels have been fire tested and fire proofed, you are immediately reducing the chances of a serious incident. Without fireproofing, fires would be able to spread with ease and could cause a large loss of life.

It is important to have your cladding panels coated by someone who is experienced and professional, someone who can advise on the safe coating of building panels without insulting your intelligence.

If you ever have any cladding repairs completed, be sure to get a protective coating applied to the panels. It will help fight against adverse weather and damages.

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