Schools, amongst a lot of commercial and educational facilities require a number of external building maintenance services to comply with the relevant guidelines. This guide will go through a number of school building maintenance solutions and how you can get in touch with some of the leading educational building maintenance contractors.

Naturally in schools, there will be a lot of areas that require improvement and repair, that’s both internally and externally. Over time, the external panels and brickwork that are traditionally associated with schools will become dirty, rusty and in need of repair.

Adverse weather will contribute to the rusting of sheet panels and fittings – in this scenario, it’s best to employ the services of a professional cladding refurbishment contractor. They will complete a site survey and make a number of reliable recommendations for your buildings.

The Importance of Planning

Planned preventative maintenance simply cannot be ignored. These exercises can be hugely beneficial, especially for educational facilities such as schools, colleges and universities.
PPM allows the site managers to plan and schedule in repairs rather than waiting around for faults to occur. PPM can be applied to external building maintenance too. It’s a good opportunity to identify issues with the buildings. It allows the school to be more proactive in remaining ahead of external building faults.

Making sure that buildings are correctly maintained is extremely important for safety. For schools in particular, safety is absolutely vital. If there was ever an injury to a pupil and it was pointed out that the injuries were the result of poor maintenance, the consequences would be extremely severe and could result in a number of negative factors that may include; Loss of Employment, Loss of Licences, Decrease in School Enrolment and a bad reputation in the local area.

Furthermore, failing to comply with the most recent educational building guidelines can lead to fines and more serious implications.

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