Image is absolutely everything, especially if you are based on a busy high street. Unfortunately, flaking cladding panels and uneven coatings of paint just isn’t going to make a good lasting impression on your potential customers. You can use these 5 ways to have a good looking building, free of charge!

Cladding panels, over time will naturally deteriorate as it goes through a lot of adverse weather. However, the use of a protective coating could be what makes the difference. It is certainly worth the consideration and investment.

Repair Flaking Panels

The adverse weather that we are so used to here in the UK plays a massive part in the visual quality of your metal cladding panels. The frequent changes between wet and dry weather and hot and cold temperatures has a huge impact on the quality of your painted cladding.

If you notice that your metal cladding panels are starting to flake and the paint has faded, we can provide you with a cost effective selection of cladding coatings. We will completely transform your existing panels and make them look brand new.

Get the Colour Right

Before you get the panels completely re-sprayed, you are going to need to decide on a colour. We suggest considering the colours that your company is known for, any branding you have, and the colour schemes that clients associated you with.

If you are located on a busy main road or industrial estate, avoid lighter colours such as whites and light grey’s. These colours can become blinding in sharp sunlight and attract dirt due to the high volume of traffic passing by.

Remember the Doors

It’s silly, but when you re-spray your building panels, remember to ask your preferred contractor to include the re-spray of your doors. There is nothing worse than looking at a fantastic looking building and then seeing a horrible, faded and flaking set of industrial doors.

Take Action against Corrosion

Rust and corrosion can be extremely dangerous for buildings. Without the correct treatment, buildings can begin to develop serious faults and potentially cause damage and harm to other people.

If you leave cladding repairs untreated for too long, it could result in a full cladding panel replacement.

Utilise Roof Lights

If you are fortunate enough to work in a building that contains roof lights, why not utilise them? The natural sunlight is an added bonus for your building and can help you reduce the costs for lighting.

If you do use your roof lights on a regular basis, it is important to maintain them. We offer a roof cleaning service that helps maintain commercial roof lights and leaves a lasting impression.

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