It’s quite simple really. If it needs to be cleared, you clear it. If it needs to be resprayed, you hire a contractor to respray it. However, one thing you should never do is neglect the appearance of your commercial building whether it be a warehouse, distribution centre, office or loading bay. The appearance is key and can be what attracts investors and potential future customers.

What is commercial building cleaning? I can tell you that it is not a simple bucket and sponge job. A lot of commercial buildings have high rise features and require access equipment on site to clear the area thoroughly. Of course, to do this, health and safety requirements must be met and the correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) needs to be worn by those completing the work.

External building management is considered in every annual budget these days. Long gone are the days or simply fixing things when they break. The old saying “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” certainly isn’t a big player anymore.

Commercial building cleaning will usually consist of the following steps: On site consultation, Removal of debris, Application of cleaning chemicals and an Anti-corrosive coating.

On Site Consultation

Any cladding cleaning contractor worth their salt will complete a thorough on site consultation before they accept or quote for any work. It seems quite obvious really but you should never accept work without seeing it. No matter what your circumstances. The consultation gives you (the contractor) the opportunity to identify the severity of the work. You are able to identify if access equipment will be needed, if there is any damage – if there is, an on site cladding repair may be required. You are also able to check for corrosion and get an understanding of how often the building is cleaned.

Recently we received a referral from an office cleaning company in Milton Keynes as they were asked to provide a quotation for the external building cleaning. Unfortunately it was not something that they could provide. We were more than happy to assist with the project and we have continued to work closely with them to this day.

Removal of Debris

Once the audit has been completed and the work accepted. The cleaning contractor will begin to clear all of the existing debris from the building. This may include moss, mould, leaves, cracked paintwork, rust, corroded metal and anything else that could cause harm when the building is being cleaned with a pressured hose. Failing to clear the debris effectively could result in injury to a staff member or cleaning contractor.

Application of Cleaning Chemicals

The building cleaners will begin to prepare a solution that will help remove any remaining dirt and grime from the building. This solution will contain chemicals so PPE will need to be worn at all times. The cleaning solution will be applied to the building and rinsed off using a specialised hose.

Anti-Corrosive Coatings

Not all contractors will be able to apply this for you. However, some on site spraying contractors may be able to provide you with an anti-corrosive coating once the cleaning has been completed. This will help the building fight against harmful substances and adverse weather, preventing it from rusting and ensure that the building coatings remain intact, without peeling away.

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