Commercial buildings tend to be more susceptible to severe damages than residential properties over the festive period. Taking responsibility for the preparations is usually down to the site manager or facilities personnel. Failing to prepare your building for the Christmas season could be catastrophic. As this month goes on, please consider these commercial roof preparations for Christmas.

In the UK the weather is incredibly unpredictable. One year throughout December you could end up with a months worth of snow or none at all. The following year could see a milder period and fewer requirements of building maintenance preparations.

Remove Ice

As the temperatures plummet and combine with water or rainfall, icicles form and cam severely damage your commercial roof and guttering structures. As soon as these start to appear, you need to contact your facilities team and arrange for the removal of any icicles and blockages before they cause severe damage. The excess weight that the iced rain produces can be detrimental to the roof.

In some cases, you may be able to remove the ice yourself. However, if a standard ladder is not going to be able to reach your roof, you may need to hire the services of a local contractor. There are many roofing repairs that can assist and I am certain that there are many more dotted around the country.

Install Temporary Roof Heating

If you continue to have problems removing ice, consider installing some temporary rope heaters. They are designed to help commercial buildings withstand large amounts of ice and help to eliminate any blockages before the repairs become dangerous.

Rope heaters can be installed on roof ledges, roofing panels and into guttering systems. The guttering structures are especially important to maintain as any blockages will affect the entire building and may result in expensive repairs.

Rope heaters are also perfect for melting excess snow from solar panels and proof lights. If there has been a significant amount of snow dropped over the winter period, the additional weight can be extremely dangerous and result in the roof collapsing. This could lead to serious injuries, and more money being spent on repairs.

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