As the year starts to come to an end, the weather naturally starts to drop and get a lot colder. As a result, corporate office blocks and commercial buildings develop more roofing failures. This week, we take a look at the most common winter roof faults from here in the UK.


We all know that when the weather temperature drops, any water deposits that remain on corporate roof spaces freezes and becomes ice. This can be extremely harmful to buildings, especially the fittings and joints.

Water Damage

Water can cause severe damages at any time, but even more so during winter and the Christmas holidays. Traditionally over Christmas, workers tend to be away from the site for a number of consecutive days to be with their families. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, any unnoticed water issues could cause a lot of damage to the building while everyone is away.

If the weather continues to stay cold, which, let’s face it – it probably will do. The standing water on any roof spaces will freeze, adding extra weight to the roof and could potentially cause it to collapse.


When snow forms, it merges together and in large quantities, can become very heavy. The build up of snow can block guttering systems and cause any waste water to build up and cause many damages that include damp, corrosion, freezing and more. It is important to check all of the guttering systems thoroughly before leaving for the winter break – it could save you a lof of money in the new year.

Any form of building damage can be expensive. If you are to avoid repair costs in the new year, it is best to action any damages that you are aware of before the weather gets any worse. Cladding repair contractors are available and will be able to provide free estimates to help you keep your building in perfect condition.

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