There are many forms of building maintenance services available, with each of them providing something completely different. For years, business owners, site managers and facilities personnel dedicate a lot of time to sourcing the right building management services for their needs.

Liquid roof coatings are a popular way for business owners to make sure that their roofing panels and materials are secure, safe and well protected.

Commercial liquid roofing practices are completed to waterproof roof materials and prevent damages, damp patches and ongoing repairs.

Commercial roof repairs are extremely expensive, so it is important to get any coatings completed by the right people. You see all of our liquid roof coating services here.

Liquid Roofing

The properties that combine to create liquid coatings are very similar. Almost every one of them is seamless and bond together to ensure that the membrane remains waterproof throughout its life-cycle. As with any commercial roof, it must be durable. The liquid roof coatings that we apply are created so that they can expand and contract with the building. Many coatings can do this, but all must be able to do the above without ripping or tearing.

If you do apply a liquid coating that doesn’t have these properties, it will be less effective, and you can expect to spend more of your maintenance budget on repairs and reapplying the coatings.

If you have a particular roof style, have no fear. Liquid coatings can be applied to almost any roof type. These can include flat roofs, pitched and domed. These specialised coatings are particularly beneficial to newer projects as they are easy to apply and maintain. Older buildings without any current protection tend to have a lot of roof damage and require a lot of maintenance work before the liquid coat can be added.

Protective coatings are well suited to buildings in locations that are prone to adverse wet weather. Commercial buildings in the UK tend to have a lot of weather protection in place for their buildings due to the inconsistency of the weather patterns.

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