Ensuring your commercial building is in tip-top condition, will be one of the main reasons your consumers or clients keep returning back to your business. Maintaining the exterior of your building will do wonders, here we discuss why.

Why does my commercial building need maintaining?

There are a range of different areas of your commercial property that you will regularly need to maintain such as entrance doors, curtain walling, floor coatings, roof sheet coating and shop fronts.

Entrance doors

Entrance doors are one of the first things your clients or consumers are going to see when it comes to your commercial property. You most definitely do not want to leave them with, so it is imperative you stay on top of maintenance, it allows customers to see that you take your brand image seriously.

Your brand needs to leave each customer whether they are new or existing a lasting impressions. More importantly, you would rather it be a good impression rather than a bad one. Entrance doors are one part of your commercial building that is used day in day out and at regular points in the day, which means they are more likely than not going to have a significant amount of wear and tear. Unfortunately, when a vast amount of people walk through the entrance doors, they may cause damage without realising. Therefore by keeping on top of maintenance including a regular repair and respray your entrance doors consistently look brand new.

Curtain walling

The British weather can have a significant effect on the look and aesthetic of your curtain walling. Varying weather conditions such as rain and sunshine can make your commercial property look outdated and tired at a quicker rate. One of the best ways for getting your commercial building in tip-top condition is by having curtain walling spraying services, with regular maintenance you can see the dramatic effect it can have on your business. If you are thinking of rebranding or are looking for a simple change curtain walling isn’t only good for maintenance but also for colour changing purposes.

Here at Elevation Maintenance, we have worked across a number of industries including supermarkets, standalone businesses, car dealerships and commercial properties. After working on their curtain walling to either repair and respray or perform a new colour match, each industry has seen a significant increase in their footfall, some have even stated customers have said how beautiful the building looks.

thermal Curtain walling
Photo credit to Laros

Floor coatings

If your commercial property experiences a high volume of footfall one of the most affected areas is going to be the floor coatings, which often wear down over time. Floor coatings are one of the many coatings people tend to forget about, but how unattractive can flooring be when there is worn flooring with huge colours missing. Floor coating services are brilliant as you do not necessarily have to have the whole floor coated, only the sections that really need doing.


Give your commercial property an edge against the rest of your competitors through simply adding facade. You can choose from a range of colours which match your brand, or it can be a more subtle change, both will help spruce up your business. Regular facade spraying services are a great way of improving the overall look and aesthetic of your commercial building. It can also help increase the lifespan of your commercial property which means you do not have to spend so much on maintenance.

grey facade
Photo credit to Yintec

Shop front coatings

Ensuring your shop front is appealing to potential customers and existing customers is an essential part of grabbing their attention. It is also a great way for your business to stand out in comparison to other stored especially if you are based on a high street or in a shopping centre. Many shoppers will make a judgement on your store based on the appearance of its exterior. Therefore it is imperative you keep on top of shop front spraying.

If you are thinking about having your storefront sprayed we recommend maintenance every ten years to ensure the colour and finish stays immaculate. If you are a high street store located outside your storefront will be more prone to weathering compared to those found in a shopping centre. Weathering can have a significant effect on the appearance of your storefront. Becoming a victim of weathering can be a nightmare, it means your store is more likely going to experience vast amounts of fading and even potential damage to exterior cladding panels.

Photo Credit to London Shopfront

Roof Sheet coating

The roof on your commercial property is one of the biggest areas which is highly exposed to natural elements. Unfortunately, due to being so exposed to our English weather roofing is prone to deterioration and corrosion if not treated or maintained adequately. Roof coatings are a fantastic way of ensuring your commercial property is safe, it also gives it a new lease of life as it increases the overall lifespan of roofing.

The formula used in roof coatings helps protect the panels or metal against quick erosion. You will want to stay on top of maintenance often, without it your commercial property is exposed and can experience leaking or an increased amount of mould. Roof coatings are not only limited to metal there are also a number of other roof coating systems which it can be applied to such as Asbestos roof, Cement Fibre roof, Cladding roofs and Asphalt roofs.

Why should I think about sprucing my commercial property?

Ensuring your business looks the best it possibly can is vital in this day and age, you want to leave a lasting impression on either your customers or clients. By sprucing both the interiors and exteriors of your commercial property you could see a few benefits such as increasing the overall lifespan of the premises. On site spraying is one of the best ways to improve the exterior of your commercial building, you will are more likely to see an increase in footfall with a gleaming exterior. Why not give Elevation Maintenance a call if your commercial property looks outdated, damaged or faded.

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