External paint can be hard to keep in good condition especially when it is so exposed to natural elements. However, it is even worse off as we have no control over when a bird decides to relieve itself. With large amounts of bird droppings, commercial properties take a significant amount of damage, here we tell you different ways you can protect your external cladding.

How does bird droppings cause corrosion?

Birds digestion system is completely different to the way humans work. They are also very different to the way a mammal works, birds do not have a bladder, this means they have to digest both liquid and solids, therefore, waste is produced in the same way. Uric acid is formed for a bird to effectively decompose solid waste. Unfortunately, the acid that is produced is of a rather high pH level between 3 to 4.5.

Uric acid can be extremely damaging to the top layer of any paint, especially if it is not cleaned away. The acid effectively eats away at the paint due to the reaction it has with hydrocarbons in the air. If not taken care of frequently or in time you could experience more than just corrosion. Many commercial properties have witnessed leaks or even cladding falling as a result of bird poo build up.

There are a couple of other factors you should be taking into consideration such as British weather, combined with bird droppings you may find the external cladding of your commercial property starts to look tired and old as the corrosion process is sped up. Pollution is another factor you must consider, in built-up areas, there is an increase in acid rain, which if it rains a lot can fade your cladding coating.

Why do I get so much of it?

In most residential areas, it is often easier to see when you have a birds nest as you can normally hear them before you see them. However, this is less likely in a commercial property, often due to the sheer size of the building they might not always be obvious. If you do spot one or more we highly recommend getting pest control in such as Rentikol to remove any unwanted animals. They will also be able to give you advice on how to potentially keep the birds from returning.


What are the best ways of clean bird droppings

A commercial property is rather large and to clean can take an awful lot of time, so rather than wasting time we highly recommend getting in touch with cladding cleaners, they will effectively be able to remove any debris or bird dropping build up. We also suggest booking them in every couple of months especially if your property is more prone to bird droppings. It is also ideal if you are located in a polluted area, cleaning your cladding can instantly improve the overall look of your commercial building.

If you have a site manager, it may also be a good idea to get them to carry out regular cladding inspections; this may help in maintaining the building and leading to fewer costs in the long run, as the cost of cleaning is far less than having to replace the existing panels completely.

Where is most likely to be affected by bird droppings?

Unfortunately, commercial properties are often large building which takes up a lot of land, so it is inevitable a bird dropping will hit it at some point. The exterior of your building is extremely important to your business and brand as this is often the first thing customers, clients and even new employees will look at so its imperative it is in tip-top condition. Not only can bird droppings be physically damaging to cladding it can also be damaging to the aesthetics of the property.

Two main areas of your commercial property will be most affected, the wall cladding and roofing. Bird droppings can be significantly damaging to these are of your commercial building as they can be extremely corrosive. Metal cladding is more likely to be affected by bird droppings in comparison to brick because they are usually coated with paint. Metals are more exposed to corrosion as they can rust and delaminate easily if the incorrect coating is applied. If your cladding panels are not well maintained you may find it decreased the life expectancy of the metal.

One place many people do not tend to think about is the gutting systems. Bird droppings can clog up gutters which can cause a number of problems such as corrosions and other damage to the internal guttering which can result in having to replace the guttering system completely. If you do find yourself in this predicament, we highly recommend looking at getting guttering cleaning specialists into clear the debris and dirt build-up.


What is the best way to rejuvenate my cladding?

There are also other areas of your commercial property that may be affected by bird droppings such as storefronts, window frames and canopies. All of which can be maintained with regular cleaning, we always recommend getting in touch with your trusted contractor every quarter or half year, this will help the cladding from fading as well as corroding. You will also want to think about repairing any panels that may have been damaged, there is no point in coating damaged panels, as it will look uneven.

Cladding repair is a significant amount cheaper than replacing panels so you may want to go around the property assessing any damage. On site spraying is one of the best options if you are looking to update the colour of your exterior cladding, it adds a layer of protection to the panels as well as reviving the colour.

Make your commercial building in the best condition!

Bird droppings can cause a considerable amount of damage to commercial properties so its essential you stay on top of them. Regular maintenance schedules are paramount to keeping your cladding looking brand new. If you don’t already you may want to think about recoating or coating your cladding panels to ensure they are well protected throughout the year.

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