A curtain walling system is an outer layer of the building which is made of lightweight materials. The lifespan of curtain walling can vary from around ten years to 15 years. Therefore it is essential to attend to it regularly to help prevent any deterioration. A great way of doing this is by spraying the curtain walling with coating spray as it resists against environmental degradation and does not often require cleaning once sprayed.

One of the main reasons why curtain walling has been created is to make a building appear more aesthetically pleasing. If you haven’t already got curtain walling, it is excellent for architects as it is exceptionally flexible so you may want to think about having it installed. Another fantastic feature of curtain walling is that you can create a custom curtain wall, with a wide range of colours and array of texture options available.

What to think about when installing custom curtain wall

One of the first impressions your business will ever make with a new employee, client or someone walking past is the impression your building give off. If it looks old, shabby and not tended to your clients and new customers can only assume that this is what your business is like on the inside. Therefore you may want to think about improving the colour and style of your exterior with curtain walling to improve how your business is perceived as well as a positive brand image.

Changing the exterior of your building can mean putting your hand in your pocket, sometimes it can be expensive, but you need to think about the state of your current curtain walling. You will want to do anything that can help reduce this huge cost for your business. So if you have curtain walling already you might want to think about having it onsite spraying.


Due to the flexibility and curtain walling being so robust you can design it to fit any structure. Curtain walling can be made to measure and can even be made to work with curves in buildings. It has many features that allow it to be moulded with ease; it can be made into a variety of designs with its lightweight characteristics. Another huge benefit of curtain walling is it works towards making your building more structurally sound, British weather can have a significant impact on the exterior of building due to extreme weather conditions. However, curtain walling is resistant to it and makes the exterior stable.

Curtain walling has insulating properties; if fitted with glass, it provides high thermal performance as it creates a greenhouse effect. When your thinking about installing curtain walling or improving the exterior of your building curtain walling also helps you meet energy efficiency regulations. It also helps prevent any moisture from entering your internal building structure. Another benefit to think about is that it adds filtration of natural lighting in your building reducing your overall energy bills costs.

Curved Curtain Walling


The materials often used for curtain walling is now Aluminium which is lightweight and durable. It takes substantial punishment; all weathers can have an impact on other exterior building however you won’t find this with curtain walling as it doesn’t erode like other materials. You will also find that you don’t have to think about maintaining curtain walling as much as it often doesn’t rust. Aluminium is an extremely cost-effective material, it doesn’t cost huge amounts to source and can be recycled without any damage to the environment making it extremely durable.


Glass is a fantastic way of improving your energy efficiency as a business. It keeps the building warm due to natural sunlight being able to reach each part of the building. It also has tight air controls meaning you won’t experience any loss of cold air in the summer months which means you won’t feel the need to use air conditioning. Installing glass will allow you to see improved levels of light into the building, one of its main benefits is that it can allow for large amounts of light entering office space, this means there is less need for lighting on during natural daylight. Natural light is more beneficial for employees as it is healthier than artificial lighting. By having employees working in natural light, they become happier and healthier which promotes increased working and improved productivity.


As previously mentioned curtain wallings main defences are against weathering however you may find that due to constant direct sunlight and wind they can potentially fade over time so you may need to have curtain walling and window coating resprays. Unfortunately if not resprayed at regular intervals this could significantly downgrade the look of your building, however, when we say regular resprays we mean every 15 to 20 years. So, all in all, it is relatively cost-effective and in reality, does not take that much maintenance.

Wooden Cladding

Prolonging curtain walling

You will want to prolong the life of your curtain walling or exterior of your building as long as possible as it is one of the first impressions someone can have of your business. It may seem a lot of money to maintain curtain walling, but it doesn’t have to be frequently done. Keeping on top of maintenance extends your curtain walling, helping to prevent natural the natural wear and tear process. The paint to spray curtain walling isn’t just any old paint; it is a protective coating which helps improve the lifespan and reduces the need to replace the curtain walling altogether.

Interior curtain walling

While many people tend to use curtain walling for the exterior of their buildings, it can also be used internally to segment rooms and create partitions. If you are thinking about restructuring the interiors of your office, you might want to consider curtain walling as its an inexpensive option. It can help you achieve the structure of your office by changing the size and space.


When you have been in business for a long time, you may think about rebranding. Curtain walling is a great option for rebranding your business as it allows you to completely customise your exterior, improving corporate image and making the building look more aesthetically pleasing. Another great aspect of curtain walling is may contractors now use colour matching which allows you to colour match to new or existing collateral.

When thinking about installing curtain walling, you should consult with your local council to ensure this is possible. We also recommend that you find a specialist contractor to respray the exterior of your building.

Safety features

Not many people realise that curtain walling is normally used as a safety feature of a large number of buildings. It acts as a fire stop and will slow down the process of a fire spreading throughout many buildings. For more information on certain building regulations, we recommend taking a look at Gov.uk.

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