When it comes to the exterior of your business premises, it is imperative to encourage a welcoming first impression that creates a positive reflection of your company or organisation. As much as we try to maintain an open mind, it is in our human nature to often make presumptions due to initial impact before investigating any further, and this is no different when it comes to your office building.

Office buildings are often incredibly generic and look as if they are a replica of the last, which is why many architects have started to make a more contemporary approach to offices. If you are looking to improve first impressions and transform your business premises, then why not take a look at our ideas on how to achieve a modern office exterior?

Modern Office Exterior Ideas

Some of the most popular cities across the globe such as London, New York and Shanghai, are famous for their unique and modern architecture. Travellers and holidaymakers visit in their millions every year to view the well-known landmarks and admire their intricate design, however little do they know, many of these buildings are, in fact, offices.

Although you may not be located in a city full of tourists, there is no reason why you cannot impress guests through a contemporary building, and even better, you will be able to enjoy the view every day on arrival to work.

Use Of Glass

Glass is often thought to be a material limited to purely windows and doors and presumed to be incredibly fragile, however, is actually used frequently in buildings. For example, the Louvre in Paris is the world’s largest art museum, spanning a giant 652,000 square feet, and made entirely from glass held in place by steel panels in a pyramid shape. Another example, a little closer to home, the Gherkin in London is another building made entirely from glass. The commercial skyscraper is one of London’s key pieces of architecture using glass to create a unique pattern across the round dome-shaped building.

Not only does glass create a stunning, seamless exterior which is guaranteed to make an impact, but it also surprisingly takes many years to discolour. Regular cleaning will be required to maintain the aesthetics of your glass office building, but we can promise it is worth the time!

the gherkin London

Photo credit to Londontopia.


A large or smaller fountain can be incorporated into your garden or stand alone in its own secluded area of your premises. Fountains are known for their relaxing and stress releasing qualities, which is the primary reason as to why they are commonly added to gardens by Buddhist monks. The soothing sounds that water trickling down a fountain make triggers a natural phycological relaxant within the brain that is used to encourage meditation. Adding a fountain centrepiece to the garden or outside your commercial premises will instantly make your visitors feel at ease.

water fountains

Landscape Maintenance

Adding a fountain to your office exterior leads on well to the idea of enlisting the help of professionals to carry out regular landscape maintenance. Grounds maintenance Milton Keynes involves many different factors from ensuring hedges are always perfectly shaped and pruned to clearing any build ups of rubbish. Ensuring that you maintain an immaculate greenery area of your building is vital for encouraging a positive first impression and creates a seamless finish for modern exteriors.

The option of soft landscaping is perfect for adding a splash of colour to a building that is likely to be a dark, simple design. A contract can be drawn up between your grounds manager and chosen commercial landscaping team, where they will visit each month to cut grass, plant new seeds and prune any hedges to avoid an overgrown look.

hedges outside office

Curtain Walling

Curtain walling is a flexible material perfect for adding a durable outer coating to your commercial building. All curtain walling is made to measure your premises in the design of your choice and can be moulded into several different shapes due to its lightweight features. Although it is lightweight, it is weather resistant and can withstand all conditions with no damage. Curtain walling does no erode over time and will remain untouched and in excellent condition for many years to come.

Opting for curtain walling on your office building is ideal for adding a contemporary and modern touch. All colours can either be matched to suit other aspects of the building or tailored to match your branding.

Upgrade Windows

Modernising your windows is all about creating a largescale design, whether this may be one big window at the entrance of your building or a collection of several small windows fitted into a decorative pattern.

Creating an open plan entrance is a key way of bringing your building up to date and forms an initial feel of luxury. As you are likely to have seen, almost all high-end car garages stick to an open plan layout with windows surrounding their building. Audi, Mercedes Benz and Porsche are just some of the high-end car brands to utilise an open, airy welcome to their garage and this is mainly due to the modern feel it brings.

When fitting windows, we recommend considering keeping frames simple using a plain aluminium frame. You want all of the attention to do to the large windows rather than extravagant frames, so aluminium is ideal for keeping it minimal while remaining an extremely strong and stable material.

businessman looking out window

Artistic Installation

Adding an artistic installation such as a statue may not be a keen idea for all business owners, but most definitely is a sought-after option for those looking to make an impact. When it comes to installations, it can be tricky to find an artist who can bring your vision to life and who you opt is heavily influenced by how subtle or dramatic you want to be. Do your research and track down the type of installation you think would best reflect your business and form a positive reputation. It can be very easy to go ‘OTT’ and create an eye-sore for guests, but when it is done right, adding art to your premises can be very beneficial.

Modernise Your Office Building Today!

It takes a considerable amount of research and planning to be able to decide on the correct route to modernise your office building. Always draw up detailed initial plans and take into consideration all factors that may disrupt your idea and stop it from going ahead. Most of the modernising ideas we have discussed will require the help of an industry expert, so it is handy to ask them their opinion when pitching your idea.

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