When it comes to an office refurbishment there can be a number of reasons why you put it off such as budget and time. But when really is the time for a commercial refurbishment?

If your business has recently merged with another or you have purchased a new building which is not in line with branding or does not have the company feel then you might want to consider a refurbishment. If your business needs more space or needs to utilise the space you have more wisely, rather then moving to another building it might just be that you could do with a refurbishment which will be considerably cheaper then moving.

When is best for a commercial refurbishment?

Of course, when it comes to a commercial refurbishment, there are going to be a couple of things you need to consider such as the budget. As one of the most debating subject getting the right budget for your commercial refurbishment is critical. There would be absolutely no point in starting an office or commercial refurbishment if you cannot finish it due to lack of funds. Your budget will also depend on what you think the business will gain out of it, for example, will add value to your business if so you might put more budget into it to make it all worthwhile.

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If you have noticed staff have become very lacklustre and are struggling with productivity, then a commercial refurbishment might just be what you need. It may come as a surprise, but your staff can only work so hard when they have the right environment to do it in. Many business owners do not understand how the use of good lighting and office design, it can have a dramatic impact on how productive and efficient your staff members are. A commercial refurbishment will not only help with this, but it can also boost morale and creativity.

Is your business being expressed in the way you want it to? Then maybe now is the time to think about a commercial refurbishment. The most common forms of branding and marketing are to ensure your logo portrays your business and the colours you choose for your website and its design. But, this is not necessarily the case anymore as many people now argue the business premises and the way it is designed inside plays a massive part of your role as a business. It can leave lasting impressions on those who enter and can be one of the best ways to show your customers or clients what your business is really about.

How do I prepare for a commercial refurbishment?

We always highly recommend making a checklist for your commercial refurbishment as there is a lot of organisation that needs to go into the management of a refurbishment. By making a checklist, it ensures nothing is missed, and everyone involved in the commercial refurbishment is on the same page.

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What will my commercial refurbishment involve?


When it comes to a commercial refurbishment, we always recommend never leaving the outside of your property. As one of the first parts of the building competitors, visitors, clients or employees see, you want to provide them with a fantastic first impression. Depending on what you want your business to look like, starting with a refresh of the exterior is one of the best places to start.

To improve the exterior of your commercial property we highly recommend taking a look at your cladding. Does it need any repairs or could it do with on site spraying? The great thing about looking at the exterior of your commercial property first is that it gives people a taste of the aesthetics you are going for. It can make your commercial building look sophisticated and upmarket.


Many office spaces do not optimise for the way you want to use them, so it may be an idea to think about the way you think the interior would work best for you. If you are a little unsure on how to have the interior designed we recommend asking an architect to help with the design. Alternatively, you could take a look at other business within your location to see if they can give you any inspiration. Overbury is a great company to look at as they provide specialist services for office fit-outs and design.

Plumbing Systems

If your commercial property is fairly old, then it is best to have a commercial plumber come and take a look at your plumbing system. The last thing you would want is to have a flood after everything else had been installed and finished. An on site survey will help to establish whether you have any plumbing systems issues within your commercial property.

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When it comes to an office refurbishment, you are most likely going to be purchasing new furniture. At this stage, we highly recommend putting in a lot of thought and consideration. Items should not be cheap, as you will only be replacing them in the future. When it comes to budgeting this is probably the step you will want to potentially over budget for as you may see one off unique pieces which will give your office or commercial property that individuality.

If your commercial property has a reception are you will want to make a statement in this section of the building as it is the first place they will need to speak to someone from the business. By creating a significant impact in the reception area, it gives your business the wow factor and gives your guests a feel for what they will soon be seeing.

Commercial Refurbishment

A commercial refurbishment is a project that needs to take time and consideration. You will want every aspect of the project to run smoothly without too much disruption to the business. It is imperative during the planning stages you take everything into account from manpower, budget, design and timescale. A commercial refurbishment can do wonders for your business so do not be afraid to do it, take the plunge!

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