There are many forms of roof coatings, and every one of those comes with an added benefit. This week, we have devised a brief list to help you with your commercial roof maintenance. Here are 5 benefits of roof coatings, courtesy of Elevation Maintenance.

What are the benefits of roof coatings?

The first aim when it comes to installing a new roof coating is ot improve the sustainability of the roofing system itself. Coatings improve the strength of roofing systems that may be a little older as they not only assist with the ageing process by slowing it down it also prevents any further damage to the roofing systems. It can also help with making your roofing system look much more aesthetically pleasing. We will be running through the many benefits you can experience with the right roof coating.

Reduced debris

We took it upon ourselves to undergo a little research, an old article from back in 2012 mentioned that 40% of construction waste is often roofing debris, all of which enters our landfills. As a starting point, there is a vast amount of debris which comes from our roofing systems due to deterioration. This damage and flaking of roofing systems can also cause a serious injury, as roofing systems become weaker it can be more prone to breakage. As a result of this parts begin to fall away and can become a potential health and safety risk.

We always recommend having a risk assessment carried out on your roofing system as it can often provide you with a date to when your roofing system requires roof coatings such as Giromax. These coatings are applied to the roofing system so you do not have to consider full replacement as this can be a fairly costly project. Giromax also prevents your roofing system from experience significant damage due to adverse weather.

applying roof coatings

Increased roof life

The right roofing systems and roof coatings can dramatically increase the lifespan of your roof. We have worked on a number of roofing projects, and even roofing systems which have a fair bit of damage can be repaired and sprayed to give it a new lease of life. We do recommend not leaving your maintenance to long as if it has experienced a vast amount of damage then it may, unfortunately, be beyond the point of saving.

By adding a specialist roof coating, you not only increase the lifespan of your roofing system, but you are also adding a preventative layer which means the deterioration process is slowed down significantly. Many roof coatings now available today provide a much higher level of performance when it comes to those you may have applied over 20 years ago. Many coatings also now provide great guarantees so you can be rest assured your roofing system will be in good condition for an extended period of time.

Your commercial property is more energy efficient

Not something many people tend to think about when it comes to their roofing system, but the right coating can save you a vast amount of money. When it comes to winter, we tend to turn our heating up, and as we all know heat rises and often will escape through brakes in our roofing systems. With the right coating, you can prevent this from happening which can often save you a vast amount of money in your business gas bills. It will also assist with boosting employee morale as well as making them more comfortable in their working space.

Visual Improvements

As we mentioned earlier older and more aged roofing systems can be very dangerous. Commercial roof coatings mean your property can remain visually pleasing all year round.

While there are a number of different coating systems out there for you to now choose from there are also a range of colours. Which means your roofing system does not have to be one boring colour, having the versatility of colours means you can make your commercial property look more quirky and aesthetically pleasing.

Giromax Coating

Changing climate

Your commercial property experiences a vast range of weather conditions all of which will have an effect on the stability of the materials which surround it. Unfortunately, your roofing system is often the part of your commercial property which will take the brunt of this damage. There is an only a limit to what your roofing system can withstand before it needs protecting. With increased exposure to bad weather, your roofs membranes can become more worn, which it will eventually cause the material to age.

With a significant amount of rain here in the UK, metal roof carries a lot of standing water, which can potentially give way if it becomes too heavy, this can cause a significant amount of damage to your commercial property. In many polluted towns, the roofing systems can also become damaged over time as the rain becomes more acidic which causes metals to deteriorate at a much faster rate. Do get rid of this acidic rain we recommend booking your commercial property in for roof cleaning services.

Why should I have a roof coating applied?

If you are thinking about having a roof coating applied to make sure you have a professional come and attend site to provide you with a quote. Not only will this be good as you can get a reasonable price for what you want to be done, but they can also advise on the best coating system for your roof. There are so many now available it can all become a little confusing, so speaking to a professional contractor can help with your decision.

Using a coating for any type of roofing system will dramatically prolong the life of the material. It shields and protects the roofing system from damage and deterioration as well as improving its visual appeal.

We love roof coatings because they save many of our clients a vast amount of money. Replacing roofing systems can cost you a considerable amount of money, with a roof coating you can eliminate this extra cost. It can also save you money when it comes to your energy bills, as it helps to lock in the heat and makes the building more energy efficient.

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