If you are thinking of building a commercial property, then you will most likely want to think about energy efficient building design. You may think that creating an energy efficient building is a little tricky, but it does not have to be that hard. All you have to do is think about a couple of things such materials, how you should build the building and the interior design aspects.

How to create an energy efficient building design

When it comes to designing a building, you will often want the input and help of a well-respected architect, especially if you are creating such a large building. Even if you wish to project manage the build the initial design is imperative to the building and how well it copes with the elements and how it can stand the test of time. We always recommend doing your research when it comes to your commercial property architect, make sure you know exactly what they have done before and how they can help make your property more energy efficient.

Building materials

You will also want to do extensive research into the materials used to build the property. There are a number of materials you will want to shy away from if you are looking to create a more energy efficient building. Not all building materials are particularly eco-friendly; however, there are a couple that is durable and will meet both structural and aesthetical demands.

One material we always think you should stay away from when it comes to energy design is concrete. During the process of making concrete, you will often find there is a large amount of CO2 released which contributes massively to the environment.

multi coloured facade

The type of materials you should be looking at the eco-friendly building designs are things such as materials that can or have been produced from recyclable goods. Rather than looking for plastic that has been extracted and milled why not consider looking at plastics that have already been used. It not only helps towards the reduction of greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere but it also contributes towards reducing the weight of the building as well as still providing sufficient amount of structure.

Another material you could look at using is wood; it has many advantages which builders and architects often do not tend to think about. It is also now being chosen other building materials in more industrial buildings in comparison to the use of concrete. A great thing about using wood is that it absorbs a significant amount of CO2 into the world. To extract wood, it is also a much less energy intensive process. If you are thinking about using wood in your commercial property build, we always recommend ensuring you have the right coatings applied as this will also help to prolong the building material by reducing the erosion process.

Roof coatings

Roofing systems take a significant amount of damage during the winter and autumnal months due to all the elements and changes in temperature. While most are able to withstand a vast amount of rain and freezing temperatures, there is only so much they can handle and withstand. We always believe it is imperative to book your roofing systems in for roof cleaning and roof coatings maintenance.

UV Light and heat during the summer months can also have a significant effect on the roof of your commercial building. As one of the most exposed parts of your building, it is also a part of the property that is neglected and often forgotten about. When the UV light hits the roofing system, the membranes of the materials often deteriorate and are more likely to break down. This increases the rate of deterioration while also increasing the ageing process of your roofing system.

Another aspect of your roofing system which does need to be thought about is the safety of your roofing system. As a commercial property owner health and safety is a big aspect of your property, you will need to think about and take into consideration. If you have a cheap roofing system or do not have the right treatments applied before it is fitted, then you could experience collapsing and even cause severe injury. To prevent this from happening we recommend taking a look at cut edge corrosion treatments.

energy efficient building design


To ensure your cladding is in tip-top condition all year round you will want to make sure you book it in for regular maintenance. This also goes for when they are first installed as this also helps with keeping the building insulated.

Giromax and on site spraying will offer a wide range of benefits, especially when it comes to increasing the lifespan of the cladding panels or building materials you have used. Cladding if not kept in good condition can often deteriorate and also corrode as unfortunately, it does not last forever. Ensuring your commercial property is tended to on a regular basis not only does this help in the long run with costing, but it also helps with your efforts to become more eco-friendly as a business, as new cladding installations can have an effect on the environment.

Solar panels

Solar panels are becoming more and more popular when it comes to making your building more energy efficient. Originally you would have had to get planning permission to install solar panels, however, according to Solar Power Portal if you wish to install solar panels which are over 50kWp then you no longer need to get planning.

During the summer months, you can make a significant amount of energy. If it is not used, then you can also store it and either sell it back to the national grid or use it later on in the year when you are less likely to make energy from the solar panels.

commercial solar panels

Energy efficient buildings

When it comes to creating a commercial property we should always be trying out best to make them as energy efficient as possible. Climate change is something we are all aware of and should be making a conscious effort to reduce. So, why not start with an energy efficient building!

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