Getting new tenants can be a little tricky if you have a lot of competition around you. Unfortunately, when it comes to office moves people do not want to spend the money. You will often find when people are moving into your commercial property they will put in offers far less then what you are asking for, they will also try and find as many faults with the building as possible.

There are a few things you can do to improve your commercial unit or property to ensure you have the best tenants. Read on to find out more…

How to attract the best tenants

Before you go ahead with any construction changes or improvements you will first want to understand who your ideal tenant is. Understand what their main priorities are and what it is they are looking for in your commercial unit. By doing so, you can then make the decision on whether to invest in specific improvements and which ones may be more likely to target and attract your perfect tenants. Improvement is a great way to not only add value to your commercial property, but they also mean you can provide your tenants with the right amenities and extras which give you a that competitive edge.

Fast broadband

How many businesses do you know that do not use the internet? If your tenant is looking for an office space or commercial unit that has already been kitted out then you might want to consider installing fibre cabling. Providing your tenants with high-speed internet means they can start working straight away without having to worry about installations of cabling and internet connections. Fibre optic cabling has a number of benefits, it means you tenants will not only have a fast internet speed but its also much safer if the business coming into your commercial unit deals with sensitive data, it also is much more consistent in comparison to other cabling systems.

If you are going to have this type of cabling installed into your commercial unit we highly recommend looking for a contractor who will provide continued support even after installation. They will be able to ensure that after the tenants have moved in, they can still ensure support if there were any issues. It also means as a landlord you can provide your tenants with a well-rounded service.

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Energy efficiency

A lot of businesses are now looking for ways to improve their business energy consumptions, so providing your clients with energy efficient improvements might be the way to attracting them into your commercial property. Helping tenants to reduce their carbon footprint may also help in the cost of having to run the commercial unit.

Giromax coatings are a significant energy efficiency improvement you can make on your commercial property. Over time you will often find that on large expanded areas of roofing they are constantly exposed to the elements and withstand a considerable amount of damage over the years. The seasons can have a dramatic effect on roofing systems, during the summer, for example, UV light can affect the roofing systems causing it to deteriorate and fade much quicker. While in the winter, harsh winds and considerable amounts of rain can also impact the roofing systems and cause them to break or cause internal flooding where cut edge corrosion might appear.

With a good quality coating, you will notice your buildings roofing system improves massively. The coatings also mean you do not have to have your heating on as high as the coatings act as an insulation tool for the building.

If you would like more information on the best ways for you to create an energy efficient commercial property why not take a read of our most recent article on Energy Efficient Building design.


We often make sure our clients are aware of the benefits of landscaping, while this is a service we do not provide our selves, landscaping can make a considerable difference to the aesthetical appeal of your commercial unit. The exterior of your property is often where your clients, customers or visitors will make their first opinion of your business, so you will want to do your utmost best to ensure this is a positive one.

Neal landscape is a great company to use as they will ensure your commercial property is in tip-top condition, they will also provide you with regular maintenance for your landscaping which means your tenants do not have to worry about plants overgrowing and becoming unattractive.



As an essential amenity parking is possible one of your most important aspects, you need to sort. If you have the space to provide on site parking, this will provide you with a significant advantage over your competitors. If you do not have the space to provide this amenity then why not get in touch with local parking vendors. By building good relationships, you may be able to source discount on a certain amount of parking spaces or even parking permits for your tenants.

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New tenants

Attracting new tenants can be a tricky task, but with a few simple improvements, you may find it that bit easier. As a landlord and tenant, you both need to be happy, by providing your tenants with all the essentials and a few upgrades you are more likely than not to get more high-end clients or those who are looking to spend a bit more money on their commercial space. It also means those who are looking to move into your commercial property are more likely to respect their surrounding as there would be nothing worse to find a number of problems had occurred after they moved in.

Giving your tenants a little something extra in comparison to your competitors goes a long way when it comes to getting the right kind of tenant. Parking, internet and energy efficiency are all things that tenants are now looking for considering moving into a new space. Also making sure your building is kept neat and tidy with regular landscaping can play a huge role in getting new tenants but also keeping those tenants. It allows your commercial property to look aesthetically pleasing and also leaves a lasting impression.

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