There are so many different buildings from around the world which have gorgeous and amazing architecture. Buildings will often become famous due to their unique design and perfect location. Breathtaking architecture is not easy to achieve and can take time and planning. However, once built, these building will often stand the test of time. Making their way into history and often becoming one of the main sites seeing locations during your travels.

Read on as we run through some of the worlds most amazing architecture…

Amazing Architecture

There are many locations around the world which have some of the most beautiful and magnificent architecture. We have gone through some of the designs we believe to be the most spectacular and the ones we think you should definitely put on your list of places to visit.


Why not start right here at home, here in the UK we have some of the best architecture from around the world. As most of them being in our capital city, we have the astonishing St Pauls Cathedral, which is situated at the top of Ludgate Hill. Perfectly positioned at the highest point in London it can be seen from around the city. The reason St Pauls is so well known, is it has an unusual dome shape at the top of the building, making it one of the largest domes in the UK measuring around 112 meters. The architect for this beloved cathedral worked on it for nine years before it started construction. Once construction took place, it took a whole 35 years from start to finish to create.

st pauls

Another captivating building based here in London is the Gherkin. It gained its name from its unusual design and shape. The Gherkin was built back in 2004, holding a grand 41 floors it is one of the cities most well-known buildings.

New York

If you have not been already, we highly recommend a trip to one of the worlds most renowned cities, New York. Not only is it great for any architect or someone who takes an interest in grand designs of buildings, but it is a fantastic city overall. Unlike many countries New York has a grid system which means all of the buildings have been built in blocks, making it extremely easy for commuters to find their way around the vast city.

The Empire State Buiding is one of the most renowned buildings within the city, as it is one of the most noticeable within the vast skyline. As one of the worlds most famous building, it has been featured in a range of films and video programmes, it offers a grand art deco design both inside and outside. The building also has a large number of stories at 102 and is a grand 1,250 feet in height.

empire state


As one of the smaller cities, Barcelona holds a great deal of amazing, quirky and unique architecture. Many architects from around the world will flock to Barcelona to take in the breathtaking designs. The reason Barcelona has become so distinct within building design is that it hosts a range of bold, colourful yet harmonious properties. The distinctive buildings can be seen from a mile away, yet blend beautifully with old and new buildings. The building which looks slightly older are commonly known as Gaudi designs, these stunning buildings have now become the main reason many people tend to visit the city. We highly recommend if you are ever taking a trip across to Barcelona, to make sure you take a rooftop bus tour, they are a great way of seeing the entire city.

gaudi buildings


New Dheli holds some of the worlds most unique designed buildings. One of the main buildings which are our favourite is the renowned Lotus Temple. The Lotus Temple has one a range of awards for the building concept and design. The religion was built to not only bring religion together but also natural beauty.

As you can see the temple is mainly made from 27 white marble petals, these have all be clustered together to create the structure of the building. The temple is also surrounded by a huge 26 acres of land hosting over nine ponds. As the building is not a celebration of any religion, in particular, it does not have any statues, pictures or alters. Allowing any religion to practice inside.

lotus temple

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is home to the Petronas Towers which stand at 451.9 metres in height. Back in 1998-2004, the building held the title for world tallest building. The two towers have been designed by Argentine architect César Pelli, who decided to give the buildings a more modern feel.

When the planning of these buildings took place a number of rigorous tests had to take place as well as simulations to make sure the building was structurally sound before construction could start. After all of the wind and other structural tests had taken place it was confirmed that the building could be made, taking a total of seven years to build. Offering a vast 88 floors the building stands at a great height allowing you to see all of the city.

petronas building


Another well-known city, Sydney holds the gorgeous Opera house which has also been featured in a range of programmes and films. The iconic building has been one of the most regarded pieces of architectural work. The building comprises of three different groups of interlocking buildings.



All of the gorgeous and unique buildings mentioned have to take care of their appearance. To do so, they will regularly book in for cladding cleaning, so they look in tip-top condition for when people come to visit them.

It may come as a shock, but the UK holds some of the most grand architecture, you only need to visit the capital city to be surrounded by it. However, if you do want to go further afield, we recommend going to the other locations we mentioned throughout this article as they do not only hold the buildings, we mentioned, they also offer a variety of different architectural surprises.

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