When it comes to your warehouse, you need to consider a few things before rushing into it. Whether you are a facilities manager or a warehouse owner, you must ensure your warehouse is sufficiently maintained. The last thing you will want is visitors or potential customers to visibly see things that need fixing as it certainly doesn’t look good. To repair any damage or even drastically improve the appearance of your commercial building we recommend considering a warehouse renovation.

We have created a brief list of services we believe you will need when it comes to warehouse renovation. We have highlighted and outlined the many benefits of refurbishing your property and how you can utilise and improve the safety of your commercial building.

Warehouse renovation: what do I need?

As an on site warehouse manager or facilities manager its imperative, you have a long list of contacts you can use for specific projects around your warehouse. Over the year your warehouse will experience a range of things that can cause damage to your commercial property, such as deliveries, adverse weather and even accidents with equipment on site. All of which can take their toll on the appearance of your warehouse.

If you do not have someone internally who can fix things for you, then you may want to ensure your logbook is full of contacts who can improve the appearance and safety of anything which may have become damaged.

exterior warehouse

Industry specific contractors

If you are thinking about planning a warehouse renovation, then there are a few things you will need to think about before doing so. One of the main aspects of a warehouse renovation is to ensure you have the right contractors.

Choosing the right contractor can be a tricky task, especially if you have not used them before. Unfortunately, there are a lot of contractors out there who are just looking to get your money rather than providing you with a good job. We always suggest taking recommendations from people you know; a good recommendation can be worth so much more as you are guaranteed the contractor will be of a high standard. Alternatively, you can check the reviews of the contractor along with previous work.

1. Roofing systems

Roofing systems are often things that get missed out when people think about renovation as you tend to think about the inside parts of the building. But the roofing systems are extremely important to the overall safety of the business. If your roofing system is weak, it can not only cost you an arm and a leg to replace, but it can also be a real hazard to members of staff and visitors. Here in the UK, we experience a vast amount of rainwater, where roofs may have drooped water can become logged, which over time can cause them to cave.

If you catch your roofing system at the right time, then you can coat them using a Giromax coating. Giromax is extremely durable and can dramatically increase the lifespan of your roofing system. Not only is a high-quality product but it also gives your roofing system the treatment it needs to remain sturdy and strong. It is also a fast and easy application process which will take no time at all, meaning your business is not affected by the disruption. Whereas if you had to replace the roofing, this can take a number of days and may require you to stop business during this process.

inside warehouse

2. Building repairs

Unfortunately much like your roofing system the exterior cladding of your warehouse can take a considerable hit from the weather. Over time these large panels develop a large number of scrapes, punctures and dents. Rather than replacing these panels, why not think about saving yourself a few hundred pounds on getting them repaired instead. They will often look just as good and will be a fraction of the price of repairing.

A good contractor will also ensure your cladding panels are spot on before they finish a project, with the right tools and specially trained team. Contractors will fill, repair and respray the panels in no time at all, making your commercial building look fabulous.

3. Cut Edge Treatment

If you do not know already, when a cladding panel is cut to size for your commercial property it will normally have a specialist plastic coating applied, which when resized is damaged and the sealed edges are removed. Over time, water can damage the edges causing them to rust as they are regularly exposed to our adverse weather.

Cut Edge Treatment is where a coating is applied to the areas that are rusting to make them stronger and prevent them from damaging further. It is a much cheaper way of repairing damaged panels than replacing them.

bare warehouse

4. Fire proof protection

Anyone that lives in the UK will be well aware of the devastation Grenfell Tower caused. Unfortunately, the wrong cladding had been applied to the exterior of the building which dramatically spread the flames causing a large number of people to sadly pass away. As the building was not fireproof, it set outrage and has made a number of business change the cladding panels they have on the exterior of their property to ensure their employees are safe inside the building.

Specialist coatings can also be applied to make your warehouse or commercial property more fire safe. Should a fire break out around or in your commercial building these coatings are designed to help reduce the chances of any combustion, which could also help prevent the death of hundreds of people?

Warehouse renovation

When it comes to a warehouse renovation you want to make sure your building is kept safe and look aesthetically pleasing at all times. By looking into the key services you need during a renovation, you can make sure you are achieving the most cost-effective choices, which not only save you a considerable amount of money but work to keep your building in tip-top condition. Let us know how you get on with your warehouse renovations over on our social media pages!

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