Ensuring your business is number one within your chosen industry can be a tricky task, not only do you need to make sure both your customers and stakeholders are happy, you need to ensure you are unique and different to your competitors. There are a few things you can do to make your business stand out from the crowd, and we are about to tell you how.

How do I make my business stand out?

There is now a range of companies around that can make it hard for you to stand out in comparison to your business. Unfortunately, it has now been made even harder as markets are free and easy to enter. One of the best ways for you to stay on top of your industry is to analyse your competitors and assess their weaknesses.

When it comes to competitor analysis, you may also want to look at how they represent their brand through not only their brand image but also their commercial premises. If they are offering a professional service their property may look very different from those who do not. You may want to look at how you can make your business look better aesthetically in comparison to your competitors. It may also be worth looking at how your competitors work to get their clients or customers into their commercial premises.

Target narrow niches

Make sure you focus on narrow niches, you want to make sure you serve the right kind of people and those who want to use your business. Ultimately you want to reach the niche audience as you are a more likely to receive their business. We recommend being more specific when looking at your audience, take into consideration why they want your business, how they will use it and their specific needs and requirements. We suggest looking at their spending habits and more importantly how your business or organisation can solve or resolve their issue.

Target Audience
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Guarantees and offers

One of the best ways for your business to retain customers is by offering them something for keeping business with you. Customers and clients are more than happy to stay with a product or service if they receive a discount or guarantee. Long-standing customers also have a good relationship with your brand and are more likely to boost your business through word of mouth marketing and recommendations. If you would like more information on why guarantees and offers boost customer retention we recommend giving 3 top reasons why retaining customers is important a read.

Communicate better

Communication is key; you want to tell potential clients and current clients why your business is different in comparison to your competitors. It’s important you stay in regular communication with your customers, so they feel valued. If you ever introduce new products or services into your business you should also communicate this to new and existing customers. When doing so you could provide customers or clients with an offer for when they use your product or service.

We always recommend looking into the marketing tools you are using; you want to use marketing tools that will effectively inform your audience and provide the best communication.

There are a number of ways you can market your business to your customers, and it may be different for certain businesses depending in who you wish to market to and how you want to reach them. Many people tend to use their website as one of the main platforms to market their product or service, but social media is also a fantastic method of marketing. You can often reach a much wider audience, and while you may not always have high engagement, you can promote and ensure people are aware of your brand and business.

When it comes to marketing there are a few things you most likely need to consider:

  • Is your customer base on social media?
  • Is television advertisement the best way for me to reach my audience?
  • Is radio advertisement going to work and is it cost-effective?
  • Will my business benefit more from word of mouth marketing?

Marketing is extremely important; different marketing tools work better for certain businesses. As an organisation or business owner, you simply need to ensure whatever marketing tool you choose to use is going to be cost-effective and provide you with the most leads and conversions.

communication between people
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Improve your image

Image is everything; often people do not realise just how important brand image is to a business. You should ask yourself: How are people currently percieving your business? You want to give your brand the best possible image; it may include looking at the current branding you have and revamping it to best suit your business as well as your audience.

Branding covers a wide range of things within your business including logo, colour themes, exteriors of buildings and business collateral. Creating the right brand image will drive potential customers to your business as well as increasing brand awareness.

First, you will need to make branding personal to your business, making it as niche and unique as possible will ensure you are not competing with competitors nor do you look to similar for customers to get confused between brands. Here at Elevation Maintenance we have had to take a few detours before getting the right brand image for our business, but by looking back at our old branding we knew as a business it wasn’t working, so we changed it up. Now our branding and logo provide customers with clean and concise evidence we are roofing repairs specialist.

Add to your website

Additionally, website content is extremely important when it comes to capturing your audience. Regularly update your website to keep customers interested, there is nothing worse than reading the same thing everytime you visit the website. Here at Elevation Maintenance, we like to showcase our work, as it provides insight into our finished projects and how we get the work done.

It is also a great way to provide your customers with a representation of the type of service or work they are going to receive. On our website, we also offer testimonials for each project. Testimonials work in a great way, they provide your customers with real-life reviews on your products or services. We always recommend having them on your website as it helps customers to make an informed decision and usually means they are more likely to use you over your competitors.

Update the exterior of your commercial property

The exterior of your commercial property is one of the most important features when it comes to image. Clients, customers and new employees often take a look at your building and make an opinion before entering. It’s important to stay on top of maintenance so you can make a lasting impression. There are a number of things you can do the exterior of your property such as respraying or colour matching to help consistency with brand collateral. On site spraying services are not only great for maintaining the exterior of your commercial property, but it’s also a great way of increasing the lifespan of the cladding.

Additionally, if you are a retail store, you may want to think about revamping your storefront with shop front spraying services. Another aspect of the exterior property you need to think about is signage. Make sure your signage can be seen and represents you as a brand.

If your commercial property is in need of a little TLC or a complete refurbishment then it may even be worth booking in for commercial dilapidation services, which will help towards making your commercial property look in tip-top condition all year round.


Write or update blogs

Elevation Maintenance widely uses blogs to discuss things that are going on within the industry, ways different businesses can use cladding, cleaning, roof work, dilapidation and other general hints or tips. We find by blogging regularly we provide our customers with insight into our business. Through looking at analytics, it is also evident that a vast amount of people using our website click on the blogs to find out information regarding the industry.

Through reading blogs about the services or products you provide, customers are more likely to look through your website. We also recommend sharing these on social media platforms and other sharing sites. It all works in your favour by showcasing your brand along with your work.


Ensuring your business stands out from the crowd can be a hard task considering there are so many other businesses out there all fighting for the same audience. You want to make sure you are on top of your game at all times as well as ensuring you’re reaching the right audience. We believe by following these few steps your business or organisation could benefit massively.

Getting the exterior of your building right is essential, you should always make sure it is aesthetically pleasing as customers and client can form opinions very quickly. You want to attract them rather than push them away, so make sure you take the time to give your commercial property the love and care it needs.

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