When it comes to your commercial property, the roofing system is often something you do not think about. Out of sight out of mind. You may not realise, however, just how vital it is to protect your commercial property. Not only is your roofing system put in place to keep you dry, but it also works to keep your energy bills low. Having the right roofing system for your property is imperative to the running and overall safety of your premises.

Read on to find out all about the different roofing systems you can have on your commercial property along with the treatments that keep them in the best condition possible.

What roofing systems can I have on my commercial building?

It can sometimes be a little difficult to know what roofing system to have on your commercial property. If you have recently moved into a new commercial building, then you may want to ask your estate agent. They should be able to find all of this information out for you, as they will have taken out a site survey before putting the property on the market. If not you can request a specific contractor to attend your site who will carry out an on site survey to determine your roofing material.

tile roofing system

Metal cladding roofs

One of the most popular roofing systems we often see is metal cladded roofs, as one of the most common choices it is widely used across the construction industry. There are a number of benefits to having metal cladding as they are often long lasting and cost effective to place onto your commercial property. It is also highly resistant, with the right care they can last up to 100 years, as many installers are now offering guarantees of up to 50 years.

Due to their increased longevity, they are seen as one of the most cost-effective materials to use for roofing systems. The great thing about metal roofing is that there is now an increase in the amount of metal which is being recycled, so if you are looking to make your commercial building more eco-friendly, then there are a range of options out there for you. Recycled steel is often one of the most popular metals; in fact, it is 100% recyclable. So, if you are considering a roofing system, you may want to think about steel. 96% of the UK are now using recyclable products during construction.

When it comes to keeping your bills as low as possible, you will most likely want to look at the materials on and around your commercial building. Metal roofing systems can experience anywhere up to 40% decrease in lost energy, meaning your energy bill will reduce dramatically. With the right Giromax coatings, you can also experience a drastic reduction in energy bills, as the coating is specifically designed to ensure that your roofing system is more susceptible to keeping the heat in. It also works in a way which protects the material from the likes of corrosion and other damages.

cladding roof

Metal roof systems are also extremely lightweight which means they create little stress on roof supports, meaning they can be installed on existing roofing systems. When they are installed, they also do not take as long to fit due to the weight, unlike other materials which may need a lot of support before they can be applied to your commercial property.

What metals can be used for roof systems

Originally, roofing systems used to be made from corrugated galvanised steel; these steel sheets were then covered in zinc. When they were first fitted many years ago, unfortunately, people didn’t have the knowledge they do now. Having a corrugated galvanised steel covered in zinc is not actually waterproof. It has been proven to be the cause of leaking and further damages to commercial buildings.

Copper is also widely used for roofing systems; it has a range of beneficial features to your commercial building such as being a corrosion resistant material. Making it much more durable in comparison to other materials, which gives it a much longer life. Another great aspect of copper roofing is it is relatively low maintenance and sustainable. Copper is now not only used for roofing systems but is now an integral part to architecture as they are now choosing to use it in other parts of building construction.

cement fibre roof

Cement fibre roofs

Cement fibre roofs have been used because they are extremely weather resistant. Not only are they resistant to the British weather elements but they also stand the test of time, as over time your commercial building can experience a vast amount of weather damage. Cement fibre is a great material, as it works to protect your property from damages even as it starts to age.

Within the internal makeup of the material, it is extremely resistant to salt and moisture, which makes it the perfect material for buildings where they may be more prone to rain and a significant amount of moisture. Another great aspect of your cement fibre roofing is that insects and pests are less likely to choose your roof to live in as they cannot feed on anything that may grow on other roofing systems.

This roofing once used to only come in one colour, but now there are a wide range to choose from. If you are trying to make your commercial building look a little different and quirky, then you do not have to worry as cement fibre is now so common there are a number of colours you can choose from.

Many of the materials used to make cement fibre roofing systems are fire resistant, this not only helps to put your mind at ease, but also means anyone in your commercial property is safe, and if there is a fire, it is more likely to be contained rather then spreading. The material will greatly restrict the spreading of flames compared to other materials which may be more flammable.

cement fibre


There are two different types of asphalt roofing which are used within the commercial industry, these include rolling and shingles. Shingles are more commonly used back in the 20th century as a more economical fire-resistant option. Roll roofing is now more widely used as it is much easier to apply. It can be applied with either a smooth surface or mineral surface which helps protects it from weather damage.

asphalt roll

There are many benefits to asphalt roofing systems, not only are they extremely weather resistant but they are also fire resistant which is why they were so commonly used years ago. It is also much easier to apply to your roof than it is any other material, it is also fairly adaptable as it is rather flexible. It essentially means it can be applied to any roofing system, no matter the size or shape. It is also a great roofing system if you are looking for something that is aesthetically pleasing. There is a range of different options out there for you to choose from, as they often come in a range of colours, as well as a number of different depths. If you choose this option, then your roof supplier will discuss all of the options with you before you go ahead and choose.

If your asphalt roofing system has been applied properly, then you most definitely will not need to think about maintenance on a regular basis. However, if you do feel that it needs a little TLC, then you can look at applying a roof coating to keep it looking in tip-top condition. Again, there are a range of roof coatings available to you depending on what you want it for. There are some that may protect it more or make it look more aesthetically pleasing. You can ask any member of the Elevation Maintenance team for more information.


Roof Coatings

There are a number of roofing coatings which are great for your roofing system. All of which will give you many benefits and last much longer than the likes of other roofing materials which are used.

Some of the best roof coating systems include Giromax, Girosil and roof cleaning services. Many people do not realise just how important it is to book your commercial roofing system in for regular cleaning if it is left uncared for, this is often where you tend to experience problems.

Also if you experience a vast amount of rain, if your roofing does have any problems then you may find that rain makes it worse. Rain can cause what is known as pooling, and if this pooling does not clear is can cause corrosion and water damage. Which can also lead to leaking roofs, or over time it can cause the roof to collapse.

Cleaning is not only great for keeping your roofing system in the best possible condition, but it also helps to make sure your commercial property is much more aesthetically pleasing. So, by booking in for regular maintenance, you help eliminate the risk of further damage to your roofing systems.


When it comes to your roofing systems, you should also think about your guttering systems. Many people do not realise the importance of guttering; if it is overlooked, then it can cause structural damage to the roof and building if not regularly maintained. We recommend once you have all of your roof and guttering in place, book in for regular gutter cleaning and gutter coating services.


We highly recommend every couple of years you should have a specialist contractor access your roofing system so you know where there may be damage that needs looking at. You should never leave your roofing systems as they can leave you with a number of issues including being a health and safety risk. It can also lead to an array of internal issues such as leaking and damp which can be a nightmare to get rid of.

If you are thinking about having a new roofing system installed onto your commercial property, make sure you do enough research and consider each material. Some materials may be more beneficial to your commercial property depending on what your building is used for.

If you haven’t already, make sure to book in with us here at Elevation Maintenance for your roofing maintenance and care. We can offer you a range of advice and care tips along with our treatment plans. All of our team members are specialists, so can offer a high standard of service.

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