With new technology emerging and a constant stream of new trends in the world of retail, it could be easy to think that you need to spend money on high-tech gadgets to keep up with the crowd.

But writing for Talking Retail recently Liz Wells stressed the importance of not ignoring the basics in favour of the next shiny piece of technology or ‘big’ trend.

“What is often more important is to focus on things like making sure the store is kept clean, tidy and inviting to customers; stocking the right range for your shoppers; making sure pricing is clear and competitive,” she asserted.

Other things to be aware of include new product developments and getting involved with your local community, Ms Wells added.

That might mean helping to keep your part of the high street clean and tidy, and ensuring that the outside of your premises is in good condition. If it’s been a while since you took care of the outside of your property, arrange on site paint spraying to give it a revamp.

Ms Wells concluded: “What is important is to focus on the needs of your local area and tailor your offer accordingly.”

Last month, the government announced that it would set up a new register of retail landlords to make it easier for people to find out who to contact if they’d like to lease a vacant unit on the UK’s high streets.

The hope is that by making it easier for people to arrange a rental, more of the empty properties on high streets in the UK will be snapped up and given a new lease of life.

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