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Concrete Block Wall Painting

Concrete block walls are a notorious means of losing heat through a building. Traditionally painting concrete block walls would be achieved using emulsion paints, which might make the wall look attractive, (often needing a number of coats), but it doesn’t seal the wall, resulting in loss of warm heat, and escalated energy usage.


Elite Airtight seals the brick while you paint, leaving a better finish than emulsion paints more quickly, with the added advantage of trapping heated air inside the building, where it belongs, reducing heating costs.


Elite Airtight has been tested by an independent laboratory for airtightness and has received a 100% pass when the product is applied to standard cellular blocks, which were leaking 80m3/hour/M2 at 50pa before application of Elite Airtight coating. After the application, the results of air loss were “too low to detect”. The test was carried out on standard cellular blocks – applying Elite Airtight to blocks with smaller holes & fissures, or onto paint quality blocks will result in less paint being required to complete the job.


  • Cheaper than plastering, which is messy and still requires painting
  • No need for expensive plasterboard, which will need skimming and painting
  • Better than block filler which is more expensive, and not tested for airtightness
  • Fast to apply, giving a good washable finish
  • More airtight than emulsion paints
  • Apply directly to bare concrete block walls, no expensive preparation require

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One of our specialist team members apply all of our Elite Airtight treatments, check out our high calibre of work.

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"Elevation Coatings were quick to answer my enquiry and were able to complete the work to a tight timeframe. I was really impressed with the professionalism of the staff and the finish of the job. Thank you."
14th August 2020
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