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As Giromax approved contractors we have access to a wide range of specialist Giromax products. A widely known organisation within this industry, providing the highest quality products and treatments to help protect against UV exposure and corrosion for your industrialised/commercial buildings.

We have a long relationship with this highly reputable brand, and we have worked together in providing you with the highest quality service. The sheer quality of this product speaks for itself as it is one of the most frequently used applications through-out our industry.

It can be applied to a number of surfaces on your commercial property to not only improve the overall look of your building but to also prevent and protect against corrosion such as corrosion and weather damage.


Giromax can be used on a number of surfaces, improving both appearance and strength, it is one of the best coating systems around.


If you are looking to repair the appearance of your cladding panels, Giromax cladding coating can take them from tired and faded to brand new in an instance. With a simple respray, you can avoid costly replacements while still making your external property look impeccable.


Giromax gutter coatings can ensure your guttering systems are protected therefore extending the life. The guttering system is an integral part of any commercial property ensuring all rainwater is taken off-site, however, if not coated properly you can experience standing water, and plant growth which can accelerate corrosion.


UV exposure and accessive rain can all lead to fading, corrosion and delamination of your roofing system. With the right Giromax roof coating, you can ensure your roofing system is preserved and restored. Not only do our Giromax coatings improve the appearance of your roofing systems, but it also adds a protective layer improving the lifespan.


  •  Moisture Tolerant
  •  Fully Breathable Coating
  •  Solvent-Free
  •  UV & Temperature Stable
  •  Permanent Flexibility
  •  Dirt Resistant

Pictures of Our Work - Giromax Approved Contractors

One of our specialist team members apply all of our Bromoco treatments, check out our high calibre of work.

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Customer Feedback
"We recently had a Giromax coating applied to our roofing system; we are over the moon with the way it has turned out. Our roof system now looks fantastic; we have also had a number of compliments from our clients about how it has transformed our commercial building."
Alexander O'Neill
20th June 2018
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