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Asbestos Roof Repair

What the customer wanted…

Our customer’s roof was in a poor condition. However, being constructed using asbestos sheets, its removal would have been a costly, time consuming exercise.

Asbestos is a deadly product. Whilst in good condition it bares no risk to us, but in poor condition, its fibres are known to cause life debilitating condition called asbestosis. It’s removal is strictly licensed, and can only be removed by specialist companies, resulting in very high costs.

Elevation Coatings has a solution which has revolutionised the treatment of asbestos roofs, by offering asbestos roof repair. Our waterproof acrylic resin coating forms a vapour permeable barrier, resistant to extreme variations in temperature, atmospheric pollution and UV rays. Servicing and maintaining roofs using our system is a fraction of the cost of removal and significantly quicker. WHY REPLACE WHEN YOU CAN REPAIR?

Project Preparation…

Every project we undertake undergoes a thorough onsite inspection, this is particularly important with a project of this type, given the potential dangers of the material, combined with working at height.

The specially formulated paint forms an abrasion resistant, rubber-like coating without joints or seams, making it completely waterproof.


As a specialist onsite paint spraying company, our services cover all exterior and interiors surfaces of the building.

All our paint spraying services come with a full 10 year guarantee, with cladding repairs guaranteed for 25 years, so the customer has peace of mind tooTake a look at the progress photos.

10/10 customers would (and have) recommended our services, so you know you are in safe hands. Get in touch with the on site sprayingElevation Coatings, give your building the love it deserves.

For more information on Asbestos Roof Repair, read similar case studies or to book a quotation, contact Elevation Coatings.

Services Used

Corrosion Treatment, Dilapidation, Roofing, On Site Spraying

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