Why does paint damage and flake?

Painting large areas can take copious amounts of time as well as a lot of hard work. So there is nothing worse than letting it dry and coming back to flaking or paint damage. Here at Elevation Maintenance, we are going to tell you why does paint damage and flake, also how you may be

Why would you require hygiene coatings

There are so many different industries that require food safe or hygiene coatings on walls or flooring. You may be thinking that restaurants are more likely to be needing hygiene coatings however there is a range of other sectors that require hygiene spraying such as supermarkets, hospitals, dentists, breweries, vets and doctors surgeries. What many

The effects of bad weather on building panels

Many building panels are becoming vulnerable to the poor weather conditions we suffer from here in the UK. Due to constant rainfall, the PH levels in the rainwater will increase and can cause building panels to depreciate and develop signs of wear and damage over long periods of time. We’re going to discuss the multiple

How your business can benefit from custom curtain wall

A curtain walling system is an outer layer of the building which is made of lightweight materials. The lifespan of curtain walling can vary from around ten years to 15 years. Therefore it is essential to attend to it regularly to help prevent any deterioration. A great way of doing this is by spraying the

3 Services an Industrial Warehouse Will Always Need (Guest Post)

Commercial warehouses and buildings need a lot of time and effort for regular maintenance, whether that be planned or reactive. Unfortunately, a lot of the maintenance tasks that are needed to be completed tend to be reactive because a lot of the site managers and facilities members are unaware of the faults in hand. However,

Getting a Cladding Coating Done Right

Cladding Coatings are worthy investments and should be carefully assessed before committing to one particular contractor. The cladding coatings are designed to protect a building exterior panels, as well as provide them with a lasting effect that represents the companies brand. Elevation Maintenance, part of the lucrative CJ Group, has been providing corporate buildings with

Are Liquid Roof Coatings Worth It?

As the weather temperatures continue to fall, building contractors are becoming busier as a result of the building damages that the cold snap brings. We take a look into roof coatings, the options available and if the introduction of liquid roof coatings are a worthy investment. Liquid roof coatings have been developed over many years

3 Christmas Preparations for Facilities Managers

Arguably one of the most inconvenient things to plan ahead for, but it must be done nonetheless. Christmas is approaching, and warehouses, distribution centres and corporate buildings will be closing down ready for the holidays. These buildings need to be maintained before, during (if possible) and after the winter season to ensure that they remain

Common Winter Roof Faults

As the year starts to come to an end, the weather naturally starts to drop and get a lot colder. As a result, corporate office blocks and commercial buildings develop more roofing failures. This week, we take a look at the most common winter roof faults from here in the UK. Ice We all know

Commercial Roof Preparations for Christmas

Commercial buildings tend to be more susceptible to severe damages than residential properties over the festive period. Taking responsibility for the preparations is usually down to the site manager or facilities personnel. Failing to prepare your building for the Christmas season could be catastrophic. As this month goes on, please consider these commercial roof preparations