Full Respray and Dilapidation Service on Commercial Property
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Building Dilapidation

What The Client Wanted

Our most recent client contacted Elevation Coatings for a full respray and dilapidation service on their commerical property.

What We Did

Before we could get started on the dilapidation work we sent one of our operations managers to the client so we could access all of the panels which needed repairing and spraying so we could get the right colour and also place the right amount of people on the project.

On initial inspection, we also noticed that the building needed cleaning before we could repair and respray any of the existing panels. To clean the dirt and grime from the exterior of the property we used a jet wash at 3000 psi. We then went onto repairing all of the damaged ribbed panels and continued to respray with a RAL 9006 for that overall perfect finish.

The Client’s Feedback

“The work completed by Elevation Coatings was second to none, there was a lot to do on this project, and they did not disappoint. We cannot recommend them enough!”

Services Used

Cladding Repair, Dilapidation, On Site Spraying

Images from Project