What The Client Wanted

After some panel damage due to a forklift accident, The client contacted us regarding a Kingspan Micro Ribbed Panels Respray. We repaired and resprayed only the necessary damaged areas that required work.

What We Did

Our micro rib panel specialist went to the sight to repair the damaged panels and then performed a colour match and respray. To the specific areas we applied the filler and then recreated the ribbed effect so that it matched the rest of the cladding. Following that, the team then resprayed the restored regions with the colour 9006 Spectrum Silver which is one of the most difficult colours to match exactly, leaving a perfect finish with a 25-year guarantee.

We only had to repair and respray the damaged areas rather than having to respray the whole side, this is because of our team’s technical skill. The client was extremely pleased with our work and has asked us back to do more work for them.

The Client’s Feedback

Such a great job from Elevation Maintenance – no signs that there was ever any damage to the panels.

Case Study Pictures

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