Ceiling Tile Spraying

Commercial and industrial premises ceilings require regular maintenance to avoid premature dilapidation, and to also keep and maintain internal décor to a standard that provides a clean, tidy, and safe premises for users. Ceiling tile spraying is a fast and convenient method of applying coatings and finishes in workplace and commercial environments, satisfying both objectives.

Here at Elevation Coatings when we refer to ceiling tile spraying, we include any associated voids, steel frameworks and soffits. Each of these is manufactured and constructed in a wide and differing variety of materials, each requiring appropriate coatings that map to individual construction materials, whether metal, acoustic or a whole host of alternatives. One size naturally does not fit all, and all our coatings reflect this requirement.

Site survey

An initial site survey is undertaken to examine the ceiling structural components, materials, architectural construction and particularly important, the environmental aspects relating to conducting the works program in respect of safeguards relating to all building premise occupants and users. After which, we provide a tailored quote and associated schedule of works. Where dilapidation and repair may be required prior to applying finishes, we will provide a more comprehensive quote that includes undertaking all remediation and preparation prior to coating application.

Products, Services, Accreditation & Guarantees

We use premium coatings and paints for ceiling tile spraying and associated areas, such as Girocote, Giromax, Girosil, HD Sharmans and Delecote to name just a few. Finishes in most cases can be provided in an extensive range of RAL palette colours, even to match or create individual branding if required. The use of airless spraying techniques results in a highly durable and protective finish. One that will stand the test of time. All our work comes with a comprehensive ten-year guarantee, providing peace of mind for your investment over the longer term. We hold various industry certified accreditations, and all our tradespeople are fully trained and certified respective to any work that we undertake.

Planned works that minimise business disruption

Ceiling tile spraying can, if not undertaken professionally and without a detailed project plan, become liable to present exposure to significant business disruption risk. We fully understand this.  As a consequence, we work closely with each individual customer towards ensuring minimal business interruption by creating a full and extensive project plan, one that seeks to achieve our goal towards creating conditions that facilitate our customers being able to conduct a ‘business as usual’ approach during any work that is undertaken. This may mean performing work in non-business hours, or avoiding core business hours, or often by reducing the overall project into smaller subsets of the larger work project, this means that in many cases we can reduce inconvenience further. Exploring the potential of using fast drying paints, most being water based with no VOC’s, have low environmental impact, and can also deliver a multiplicity of additional benefits. Employment and deployment of this combination of factors can result in rapid building usage restoration, benefitting staff, customers, and users.

Why invest in proactive maintenance?

Lack of attention to building maintenance has a cost, one that often outweighs the cost of planned, effective, and timely maintenance. Examples are where there have been additional charges levied on tenants and leaseholders by landlords when the lease expires, and prior to hand back. Reciprocally, for owners of premises, lack of maintenance represents the potential to devalue the fixed asset materially. Either way it can represent a negative financial impact that is unwanted and unwelcome.

Regular and timely maintenance saves money in the long term. Simply by the avoidance of having to undertake substantial repairs and major substrate preparation, it negates large and avoidable one-off costs. Regular planned maintenance amortises budget costs predictably and facilitates conducting works to a timetable that suits. Planned maintenance prevents many of the problems that unplanned works cause to any business, and perhaps more importantly, causing unplanned budget spend. Prevention is better than a cure is an adage that pretty much sums it up!

Creating business advantage

Premises that implement high levels of maintenance and good standards of décor also have the advantage of appealing and communicating outwardly to customers the image of a professional business. For staff, the environmental factors of working in a clean, bright, well managed and safe workplace gives recognised benefits in terms of staff who feel happier and valued, often with outputs of higher productivity.

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