Cladding repair and respray
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Cladding Repair

External cladding and roofing on commercial buildings remain continuously under the constant onslaught of the harsh British weather, consequently the lifespan of cladding and roofing becomes limited if not regularly treated by undertaking timely and regular cladding repair.

Cladding repair should be undertaken only by approved contractors who are accredited to undertake the work and to be able to offer significant guarantees for the work undertaken. Elevation Coatings is the leading provider of cladding repair services and who only use world-class materials and coatings. Elevation Coatings only use recognised leading brand paints and primers, such as Tempaprime EE and Temadur 20 paint in their treatment of repairing cladding and roofs. Paint finishes come in a full complement of colours to match existing, or in many cases, offers customers a totally distinct and alternative pallet colour of their choice.

The challenge for many in maintaining the integrity of what is often termed the building ‘envelope’, is that by delaying timely maintenance and cladding repair, it invariably results in more expensive work being required later. Elevation Coatings works on many commercial buildings which have fixed maintenance programs. This is whereby regular maintenance and cladding repair is undertaken by a scheduled timetable of maintenance and prevention. This has been shown to be significantly less expensive in the longer term than full remediation and restoration, which in the worse case may require total replacement.

Treatment and repair to roofs, cladding and guttering is all part of the ‘one stop shop’ approach that `Elevation Coatings offers its customers and from the initial survey and subsequent recommendations all the way through to completion and final handover, Elevation Coatings take care of every aspect of the cladding repair program of works. All work is undertaken by industry accredited contractors and tradespeople.

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