Gable end and roof extension project
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Crawley Gable End and Roof Extension

What the customer wanted…

Our customer contacted Elevation Coatings when they needed a roof extension and new gable end to their industrial unit. Elevation Coatings are generally connected with on-site spraying and cladding repair and replacement, but as specialists in our field, we have the resources and knowledge to extend our services when necessary, (as well as our customers industrial units).

Project preparation…

This project required a little more planning and preparation than most cladding replacement jobs. But we were able to take it all within our stride. Once the groundworks had been completed, the steel framework to the extension was put in place, and the building began to take shape. Lining panels and insulation were added to comply with legislation, finished with Plasticote coated metal cladding added. Finally, the roof and drainage systems were installed, and the verge flashings put in place to protect against the British weather.

The cladding was painted to blend perfectly with the rest of the building. The customer was delighted with the results.


We are the on site spraying specialists. Our services protect and enhance your property. In this case, we extended the floor space of the industrial unit, by extending the roof, adding roofing panels and drainage, finishing off with plasticote metal cladding around the sides of the property.

10/10 customers would (and have) recommended our services, so you know you are in safe hands. Get in touch with the on site sprayingElevation Coatings, give your building the love it deserves.

For more information or to book a quotation, contact Elevation Coatings.

Services Used

Cladding Repair, Roofing, On Site Spraying

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