Crumbling Nottingham Building Poses Danger To Public
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Crumbling Nottingham Building Poses Danger To Public

Some Nottingham residents who have to walk past the former St Luke’s Parochial School in the city centre are concerned for their safety, as the building is at risk of falling down.

The façade of the building, which is located on Carlton Road, has been in a state of disrepair for three months already, reported Nottinghamshire Live.

It was built during the 1860s alongside St Luke’s Church, which was later demolished in 1925 after its walls began to collapse, rendering it unsafe.

A spokesperson from Nottingham City Council told the publication: “We have been liaising with the owner of this property about the need to address the poor state of repair of the building frontage which presents a danger to members of the public.”

They went on to say “urgent action is needed” and the fragile state of the building needs to be “remedied shortly”.

According to locals, the brick structure of the former school is unsafe and on the verge of collapse.

Handyman and decorator David Fairweather, who lives opposite the building, said: “I won’t walk on that side of the road now.”

He added the bricks could “kill someone” following a 35-foot fall, saying: “[The wall] could bounce into the road.”

As a result, he is calling the council to provide an exclusion zone, for the road to be closed off, and some scaffolding to be erected.

This comes after a site survey on Windmill Primary School by Oxfordshire County Council revealed its main building requires major structural work for it to be safe to use.

Oxford Mail revealed some parts of the building have become so dilapidated that “immediate work is needed to ensure structural integrity”, according to the council’s George Eleftheriou.

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