England’s Village Halls Receive Refurbishment Funding
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England’s Village Halls Receive Refurbishment Funding

Village halls across England have been given a boost last month (January), with the government providing £1.2 million in grants for a total of 21 projects sp far as part of the £3 million Village Halls Improvement Grant Scheme.

This fresh round of funding was announced at the start of Village Halls Week, running from January 20th to 26th, celebrating the services that these fine establishments provide in rural communities.

Refurbishment work is now underway on numerous sites, with repairs including roof work, alterations to toilets and kitchens, and new meeting rooms. Westleton Village Hall in Suffolk, for example, has been given £75,000 to transform its village hall into a warm and inviting community centre, with the building set to be refurbished and a new foyer cafe constructed.

Lord Gardiner, Defra rural affairs minister, said: “Village halls are an essential part of rural life. I am delighted that our grant scheme is helping to refurbish our nation’s village halls, and each and everyone will make a real difference to their communities.

“There can be no doubt that village halls are more important and relevant than ever. Village Halls Week provides a perfect opportunity for people up and down the country to celebrate these wonderful places at the heart of our rural community.”

Refurbishment work can mean anything from cleaning and decorating to retrofitting a site to make it more sustainable and energy-efficient, but it can also mean renovation and restoration work, as well. This could be painting and decorating, extensions, repair work, upgrades, conversions and so on.

This is important and should be maintained over the years because it can significantly extend the life cycle of a building. Take a look around your site with an objective eye and see if there’s any work that could be done in certain areas that might be showing a bit of wear and tear.

Keeping on top of issues, however small they may seem, is certainly wise from a financial perspective because the longer you leave a problem, typically the bigger it becomes – and the bigger the problem, the more expensive it is to sort out.

Older properties in particular can begin to look tired so it might be worth arranging for a dilapidation survey so you can see what repairs – if any – need to take place in order to restore your building to its former glory.

Take a look at some of the case studies on our website to see what we can do, whether it’s on-site paint spraying, air-conditioning repairs, curtain walling, powder coating or something else. Give us a call today to see how we can bring your buildings back from the brink.