Home Bargains Panel Repair
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Home Bargains Panel Repairs

What the Customer Wanted…

Home Bargains contacted Elevation Coatings to repair cladding panels at one of its sites. The cladding had become damaged by vehicles manoeuvring close by, and by general wear and tear.

Damaged cladding is more likely to receive further damage than pristine cladding. It is better to repair damage early as damaged cladding can lead to corrosion, which can become too badly damaged to economically repair.

Project Preparation…

The key to successful cladding repair is in the preparation, firstly of the surface, and then the type of paint used to finish the repair. In order to exactly match the finish, we use our in-house colour matching team to ensure an exact match.

Every project, no matter how large or small, will undergo a site visit. Not only does this give us a better feel for the work involved, but also highlights potential issues, such as parked cars and customer access – meaning a lot of our work is undertaken outside of normal trading hours.

We are so confident in the quality of our service, all cladding repairs and onsite paint spraying are guaranteed for 25 years. Giving you, the customer, peace of mind.


We are the on site spraying specialists. Our services protect and enhance your property. In this case, we sprayed the repaired & resprayed exterior cladding of the property, protecting the structure of the building for years to come.

10/10 customers would (and have) recommended our services, so you know you are in safe hands. Get in touch with the on site sprayingElevation Coatings, give your building the love it deserves.

For more information or to book a quotation, contact Elevation Coatings.

Services Used

Cladding Repair, Corrosion Treatment, Dilapidation, On Site Spraying, Shop Front Spraying

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