Professional External Cladding Repair and Colour Matching Service
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Kingspan Panel Repairs

What The Client Wanted

Our recent client required a cladding repair service and colour match service on an external wall which was over 10 years old.

What We Did

Elevation Coatings is one of 5 Kingspan recommended companies across UK, accredited to work on cladding repair involving Kingspan products and services.

We were approached by a client who required a cladding repair on an external wall of their building but was unsure if we could colour match the cladding panels correctly as they were over 10 years old.

We are specialists in colour-matching cladding panels and recommended pegasus metallic paint which was resprayed following the cladding repair to remove dents & holes.

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The Client’s Feedback

“As the building was previously occupied and the previous cladding was over 10 years old, we were unsure whether the correct paint was still available. We’re really impressed with Chris & the team’s colour matching, looks as good as new!”

Services Used

Cladding Repair

Images from Project