Professional Cladding Repair and Colour Matching Service
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Kingspan Colour Matching

What The Client Wanted

Our recent client had cladding panels which had been blown in and required a professional cladding repair and colour matching service.

What We Did

A customer came to us with a budget who required a cladding repair on some panels which had seen damage and was concerned that it wasn’t repairable. We were happy to carry out the cladding repair service and assured the client that our colour-matching service and cladding repair is unmatched and we’ve never failed to complete a cladding repair.

The cladding panels were RAL 9006 aluminium Kingspan panels which required an accredited Kingspan specialist to complete. With our recommendation from Kingspan and colour matching services, we were able to return the panel to it’s original appearance.

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The Client’s Feedback

“Great work mate. We were unsure whether the repair could be done, but it looks as good as new!”

Services Used

Cladding Repair

Images from Project