On Site Spraying and Paint Services for Lexus Showroom
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Lexus – On-Site Paint Project

What The Client Wanted

Lexus frequently come to us for their on site spraying and paint services as we are one of the leading on site paint spraying companies in UK.

What We Did

Elevation Coatings are proud to be the only company in the UK with the new paint formulation for lexus show rooms using specifically cured silver durable paint.

Colour matching the cladding panels for your exterior is essential to make your building look professional and free from degradation. We can guarrantee to match the colour request for your cladding panels.

For more information on our cladding services, contact us today.

The Client’s Feedback

“We always go to Elevation Coatings for our construction and restoration services as they are the only company who have the correct new paint formulation of our showrooms. “

Services Used

Cladding Repair, Shop Front Spraying

Images from Project