Food Safe Respray
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Luton Food Safe Paint Spraying

What The Client Wanted…

The customer contacted Elevation Coatings to repair some damaged panels in a food preparation area.

The UK has some of the highest food safety laws in the world. Food safety and hygiene legislation dictate that food panel safe coatings are required for surfaces that come into actual or close physical contact with food product through either transit, storage, or preparation.

Scratched and damaged panels can increase the possibility of bacteria build up, which risks food contamination.

Project Preparation…

Every project, however large or small, undergoes a thorough onsite inspection. During the inspection, as well as looking at the requirements of the job, we will also liaise with the customer to ensure our work complies with current Health & Safety and Food Safety legislation.

This was a live site in food production so we only used hygienic food safe paint. With our experience and wide knowledge of paints and methodology there is no job too big as all our team and supervisers are fully health and safety trained and have been accredited with industry-standard certifications.

All our paint spraying services come with a full 10 year guarantee, with cladding repairs guaranteed for 25 years, so the customer has peace of mind tooTake a look at the progress photos.


We are the on site spraying specialists. Our services protect and enhance your property. In this case, we sprayed the repaired & resprayed cladding in a food preparation area, making it compliant to Food Safety Standards.

10/10 customers would (and have) recommended our services, so you know you are in safe hands. Get in touch with the on site sprayingElevation Coatings, give your building the love it deserves.

For more information or to book a quotation, contact Elevation Coatings.

Services Used

Cladding Repair, Dilapidation, On Site Spraying, Food Safe Panels

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