About Kingspan

Kingspan started over 50 years ago and is now a globally leading supplier of solar envelopes, commercial insulation and building fabrics. At Elevation Maintenance, we provide an array of services that are all approved by Kingspan. We administer on site spraying and panel repairs for the Kingspan product range; repairing dents, scratches, holes and respraying any minor indentations. We take the repairing or respraying of the Kingspan products very seriously, meeting all of their specifications and regulations they have enforced.

Kingspan are also dedicated to creating energy efficient buildings; instilling their pledge to sustainability through every step of the manufacturing process. They have promised to take a lead in helping to combat climate change.

Why We Chose to Work With Kingspan?

We chose to work with Kingspan because of their distinguished reputation, dedication to customer service and building energy-efficient buildings. Being approved means that we can give you the highest Kingspan-standard respraying and repair services.

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