About Trimo

Trimo is the number one company to go to for any construction improvement services. Providing services for steel buildings and construction, roofs, facades, containers and soundproof systems. They offer a variety of services to improve the exterior and interior of your building structure in a highly efficient, sustainable and attractive way.

Trimo works for many industries, including business, commercial, logistic, educational and transportation buildings.

Why We Chose to Work With Trimo?

We work with Trimo because of their belief in high quality, simple, safe and tailor-made solutions that meet the needs of clients. Trimo helps to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions and clients’ energy consumption and costs through the implementation of excellent thermal insulation and airtightness of walls, roofs, facades and doors. We can gather valuable experience and knowledge from Trimo’s high client rate and project intake. We believe that working together can create high-quality services for all our customers.

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