Repair and Paint Metal Booth Brackets
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Metal Booth Brackets

What The Client Wanted

We were previously approached by a client who required repair on some old metal booth brackets which had standard wear and tear overtime.

What We Did

Before starting the project, we noted any specific requirements the client had which included repairing the metal booth brackets off site so the noise wouldn’t disturb the staff working at their building.

We started by sanding the brackets down to smooth out any defects and imperfections including any rough edges and prepared the brackets to be primed with paint primer. We always use the correct primer before adding paint to any repairs including cladding to make sure the paint doesn’t leak or dissolve through to it’s surroundings.

If you require an on site spraying repair for your building, contact us today or alternatively read more on how our on site spraying services can save you costs in the long run.

All our paint spraying services come with a full 10 year guarantee, with cladding repairs guaranteed for 25 years, so the customer has peace of mind too. Take a look at the progress photos.

The Client’s Feedback

“I was extremely satisfied with what Elevation Coatings helped me do, I thought I would have to dispose of my metal booths but as always Elevation Coatings helped me resolve my issues and they came out looking better than I ever dreamed!” – Thomas Gate

Services Used

On Site Spraying

Images from Project