If you have noticed your industrial unit looking a little bit tired or outdated, then you might want to consider having specialist industrial floor coatings? Here we are going to tell you all about the benefits of industrial floor coatings and the many ways it can enhance your commercial or industrial units aesthetics.

What are industrial floor coatings?

There is always something you should consider when you think about having industrial floor coatings. Health and safety regulations are normally high up on your priority list, and it should be one of the most important things you think about when it comes to employees and visitors to your industrial unit. There are a number of different coatings which all have different benefits which you must consider including epoxy high build, water dispersible, epoxy resin and polyurethane materials.

The flooring of your industrial building is usually the last on your list when it comes to a revamp or even a renovation of a new location. It may come as a surprise, but floor coatings can have a significant impact on the productivity of your staff. It is also great for improving the health and safety of your property.

What is the most used floor coating option?

Epoxy is one of the most used floor coatings and is the most popular within the industrial industry. The coating acts as a sealant and usually applied to a concrete flooring that already is installed into the unit.

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What industries benefit from floor coatings?

  • Industrial Businesses
  • Warehouses
  • Sports Facilites
  • Schools
  • Food and Beverage
  • Laborities

Why consider floor coatings?

Specialist industrial floor coatings are a fantastic way of preventing any hazards from occurring. They are highly resistant to chemicals which means if you are working on a premise which is highly toxic or has chemicals which may ruin normal flooring, the industrial floor coatings will mean the floor remains perfect. If you floor has a specialist coating, you will notice it will never gain any stains nor will it have any physical damage.

Benefits of industrial floor coatings


One of the main benefits of industrial floor coatings is the durability of the coating, concrete flooring unlike other materials can withstand a significant amount of damages such as footfall. However, if you look to have an industrial floor coating applied you will notice an increase in lifespan, meaning you will not have to replace it in the future. If the coating is maintained correctly in the future, you will most likely never have to replace the flooring, as it is highly reliable and durable.

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Strengthen the floor

Floor coatings are a great way of strengthening your floors, even more so if you are considering having an epoxy coating applied. If you work in a business where a large number of mechanical machinery are being used and are sat directly on the flooring, you would normally witness a significant amount of wear and tear to the flooring. This can also be the case when you have a high number of people, employees or visitors walking through a specific area. Normal flooring systems will fade and deteriorate over time; however, if you are to go with a specialist industrial floor coating, you will not have this issue.


Industrial floor coatings will instantly improve the aesthetics of your commercial unit. With the right on site spraying team, you will find you have dramatically improved the look of your building.

Epoxy coating especially has a considerable variation of colour to choose from and also comes in a number of finishes to best suit the look you are going for. If you decide to go for more of a high gloss finish over the top of your flooring system, it will instantly improve the look, giving it more of a brighter feel. This can be a great option if your room or space does not have windows or natural light entering. In most sports facilities this is used to help visibility while playing sports. A high gloss coating means you can instantly increase the reflective lighting which will dramatically improve health and safety. If you have a smaller property, this is also a great way of making the space appear as though it has a bigger interior.


Industrial floor coatings are great if you cannot keep on top of maintenance, it will also help with the overall cost of maintenance fees, saving your business a considerable amount of money in the long run. The coatings are very easy to clean once the coating has fully set as it has a smooth non-porous finish. Industries such as doctors and hospitals will not only use this coating on their flooring but will also apply it to the walls. It is very common for these types of industries to experience a significant number of virus’ and diseases, as bacteria can grow very fast one a porous surface.

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In any industry safety is extremely important, we have this in mind here at Elevation Maintenance which is why we so commonly recommend Epoxy surfaces. They are fire resistant as well as being relatively slip-proof. Coatings are highly resistant to chemicals, which means spillages and high temperatures will not affect is. This means your employees can work with peace of mind and in a safe environment.

How long do floor coatings take?

Floor coatings do not take that long to apply at all, due to the type of chemicals within the coating systems. They will often dry within a couple of days meaning you will achieve the perfect finish. We usually recommend having this completed before you open for business or if you have already opened this can be done with minimal disruption to employees.

Industrial floor coatings

We have briefly mentioned a few of the many benefits you will face when it comes to having floor coatings installed, for more information on the advantages of epoxy coatings we recommend taking a look at The Balance Small Business. One of the main benefits being the health and safety of your employees we believe floor coatings are essential. For more information on floor, coatings feel free to get in touch with a member of the Elevation Maintenance team.

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