Now most architectural cladding systems that are fitted to your commercial roofing system will last for years. However, not if you neglect it and assume it will maintain itself. It is important to conduct regular safety and maintenance checks to make any architectural cladding repairs.

Despite its strong and durable properties, metal cladding can be quite vulnerable.

Strong and adverse weather can cause a lot of damage as well as poor installation. If you employ the services of a cladding contractor, ensure that the quality of the attached flashing’s and fittings are high and in good usable condition.

Just because they are metal, you should never assume that it is good and strong. Make sure that the metal sheets provided for your architectural cladding refurbishment are high quality and have not been used in the past for previous work.

Repair Causes

So what are the most common causes for these roof repairs?

One of them is caulking, or should I say lack of it. Some contractors do not apply caulking between the sheets or the underside of the extra trim. After a heavy downpour this could result in water damage and leaks.

Again we come back to those fasteners and fittings. If after a heavy downpour the metal sheets have become corroded due to regular expansion and contraction, the fittings that have been incorrectly installed can break away and leave holes for even more water to come through, resulting in more leaks.

As I mentioned above, it is hugely important to maintain your metal cladding panels regularly. Make sure that you record your roof inspections and complete any commercial cladding repairs straight away or at least notify the relevant people.

Failing to take the appropriate action will result in long term damage and potentially cause injury to passes by, exactly what you do not want to happen as that will open up a whole new set of problems for any business.

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