Colours have a significant effect on the way we feel and react to a certain object, type of food or service. They will often influence many of our thinking processes such as decisions we make and why we might purchase something. Here we tell you why you need to consider specific colours for exterior signage and logo colours.

Why exterior signage and colours affect consumers

Colours not only affect our decision-making process but can also have an effect on our moods, the way we spend our money and memory. Market research has shown that colours will often be the reason we choose specific brands and products over another. As humans, we process colours automatically which often means we don’t even think about them.

One of the best examples to think about is road signs; specific road signs are colour coded for different reasons, our brains are so intelligent they pick the colours up swiftly without us even realising. Would you react to a stop sign if it wasn’t red or had no colour? The only thing that alarms you about a stop sign is the fact that it is actually red, a red colour on signs often means danger ahead.

As colours can have a dramatic effect on the way, we perceive certain brands it important that when you come to picking colours for your signage or logos, you take into consideration the psychology of colours and what they mean to different people. If you would like more information about how colours affect people we recommend reading: The Psychology of Color: How it Affects Buying Decisions.

Unfortunately, not everyone depicts colours in the same way and colours may have a different meaning to different people. While there are some colours that are universally known for certain brands, by getting the right colours you could motivate potential customer into using your brand or purchasing from your store over a competitor. The last thing you want to do is push potential customers in the wrong direction with a bad choice of colour for both your signage and logo.

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What colour is best suited for my industry?

Each industry will have specific colours which allow them to get there brands message across to their audiences. Before picking a colour, you will want to look around within your industry and see what colours people are using.

The communication industry is more likely to use colours and varying tones of blues, greys and blacks to advertise the brand and the product or service. Blue is often associated with being clear and straightforward, which is an excellent way of showing how a communication business works. Black provides the consumer with confidence in the brand as well as strength and security which is often an essential aspect of the communication industry. Another colour which strongly connotes trustworthiness in a brand and its dependability is grey. Colours are paramount to how effective a communication brand works, without the specific colours would you choose to work with them?

Restaurants use a variation of colours to showcase different types of food and beverages. Red is widely used within this sector to stimulate hunger and gain the attention of the audience. Green is used to promote health within the industry, so you are more likely than not going to see a food health store or restaurant using a green logo and signage. Blues and purples are used to indicate sweetness which is why brands such as Millie’s cookies and Ben & Jerrys.

Vehicle manufacturers use colours to depict their brands and heavily rely on the meanings of the colours. Car manufacturers around the world often use Greys, reds and blues. Red is used to promote masculinity, it will signify power and strength which is why brands such as Mazda, Kia and Vauxhall use it. Grey is used to showcase the quality of a car brand, silver and grey tones provide owners with a sense of luxury, it also enables them to portray the brand as being high-quality. Blues are used within the industry to promote consistency as well as reliability, car brands such as Ford and Volkswagen will often use these colours and as you can see many of them sell family cars.

Clothing and accessory brands are a huge industry which heavily relies on the way people perceive colours. Many of us believe the choices we make in our clothing is often what defines us and helps us show off our personalities. There is a significant amount of brand within the industry which will use colours such as blacks, reds and oranges. Black showcases elegance and sophistication as it is considered a very fashionable colour. Red is used by brands to promote passion and desire when wearing red people are more attractive to others which is why many people use red based brands. Orange is used widely to indicate extroversion, due to its vibrancy which also helps promote luxury and confidence. You can see all of these colours work in a specific way through brands such as Chanel, Hermes and Vans.

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Why do we use colours to help us promote brands

Colours are not just present to influence the preferences of current and potential consumers, but they are also there to help brands create associations and context to their specific brand. If your store is a standalone and not part of a chain, you may also want to consider the regional affects colour can have within that specific location. Specific locations are more likely than not to have very similar colour preferences.

You should also look into the ways females and males depict colour as they can be very different. So if your brand is selling a product or services tailored to a specific gender, you will want to do your research into how they see the colour and how it will influence their buying behaviour.

So, what colour will you be choosing?

If you are opening a new store or are thinking about a rebrand because the colour you currently have does not suit your brand, look at the psychology of what colours mean to people. You should also take into consideration the industry your business is in, as we mentioned each sector uses colours in a different way. While signage is extremely important, you may also want to think about the exterior of your property, what would be the point in getting new signage if your exterior is looking outdated or clashes. On site spraying is an excellent way of utilising brand colours. If you are on the high street and want to stand out why not have shop front spraying, you can instantly make your brand look more sophisticated.

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