Cladding Coatings are worthy investments and should be carefully assessed before committing to one particular contractor. The cladding coatings are designed to protect a building exterior panels, as well as provide them with a lasting effect that represents the companies brand.

Elevation Maintenance, part of the lucrative CJ Group, has been providing corporate buildings with competitively priced cladding coatings and cladding panel repairs for years – offering increased guarantees that have been known to last up to 25-years.


When you get your cladding panels paint restored, it will need to be thoroughly prepared before any works can be completed. Elevation Maintenance will provide a free on site consultation to help identify the issues and create a detailed plan of action.

This consultation can usually be completed within an hour, however, in some cases, the consultations may run over slightly to gather every inch of relevant information, ready for your cladding coating.

Once the material has been assessed and thoroughly prepared, the coatings will be prepared, and a team will be assembled ready to complete the project.

If there are any repairs needed before coating, they must be completed before coating. Failing to repair the damaged material will only result in further damages in the future.

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